FAR bonus criteria
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FAR bonus criteria

Bangkok’s city plan stipulates an extra construction area incentive or floor-to-area ratio (FAR) bonus of not more than 20% will be given to projects that provide:

1. Area for residential development for low-income earners offering at least a 20% lower selling price per square metre than the market price or a development for existing residents living within five kilometres of the project’s area. The FAR bonus must not exceed four times the area provided for low-income earners or former residents. Low-income earners are those with an average monthly income at least 20% lower than the average income of a Bangkok household.

2. Landowners or developers who set aside spaces for public use or public parks. The FAR bonus must not exceed five times the open space for public use or parks.

3. Landowners or operators in surrounding areas of electric train stations that provide public parking lots. The projects must be located within 500 metres of Thailand Cultural Centre, On Nut, Lat Krabang, Hua Mak, Bang Bamru, Taling Chan, Udomsuk or Bearing mass-transit stations. The total FAR bonus must not exceed 30 sq m per car park.

4. Landowners or developers that provide water retention areas. A water retention area with a capacity of at least one cubic metre per 50 sq m of land will be entitled to receive a FAR bonus of not more than 5%. If a retention pond has capacity of more than one cubic metre, the FAR bonus will increase pro rata but not by more than 20%.

5. Landowners or developers providing energy-saving or green buildings that are certified by the Thai Green Building Institute or any other organisation approved by the city planning committee.

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