How to react appropriately to a traffic accident in Thailand
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How to react appropriately to a traffic accident in Thailand

Thailand has some of the most chaotic traffic in the world, with over 34 million registered motor vehicles. This is equivalent to more than one vehicle per two Thais. To make matters worse, almost 60% of these vehicles are motorbikes. This would lead to very versatile traffic you would think, but because a remaining 16.5% are actually SUVs or pick-up trucks, Thai traffic is often congested. Other sources of traffic irritation like air pollution, old roads and stray animals do not make the roads any more enjoyable.

Chaotic traffic, amongst other reasons, has sadly resulted in Thailand having the second most traffic fatalities per year in the world. Keeping this in mind, it makes sense to be very cautious in traffic. But caution unfortunately cannot guarantee your safety. What you can guarantee yourself is that you are well prepared in case of an emergency. Make sure you are well insured in case of an accident by finding the best car insurance package on and read the following steps and tips to stay ahead of bad news:

Step 1. Do not move your car!

It is best to always wait for the police and/or insurance company to arrive before moving your car. You may be tempted to move your car away from high traffic area but it will complicate the insurance claim.

Step 2. Stay calm

When an accident does occur, make sure you stay calm at all times. Do not play a blame game, admit guilt or get involved in arguments. Cooperation is the key between the involved parties, because you need each other’s credentials.

Step 3. Provide medical assistance if needed

Always check if you or somebody else needs medical attention. If so, and the needs are urgent, tend to these needs before pursuing any further steps.

Step 4. Make the necessary calls or get someone to make these calls:

Thai emergency number: 191 or tourist police: 1155
Insurance company
Ambulance (optional): 1554

Step 5. Complete the accident report at the local police station.

Ask the drivers involved for their: ID card, driver’s license, the vehicle registration (Lem Tabian) and insurance papers. Write down their vehicle registration numbers.

Also provide the drivers involved with your information.

Further proceedings are very dependent on your personal insurance company. You will likely have to fill in an insurance form to file your accident report. The deadline for filing this report varies per insurance company. Make sure to check your deadline.

Tips when you get involved in a traffic accident:

- Do not pay financial compensation for speeding up the insurance process. This is no guarantee of actual increased speed of processing.
- Write down the vehicle brands, model types, license plate numbers, colours and distinct features of vehicles involved in the accident.
- Look for a witness who would be willing to testify about what occurred on the scene of the accident. Write down their contact information just in case.
- Make photos at the scene as soon as possible before any vehicles have been moved or evidence has been lost.
- Write down the exact location of the accident.

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