Toyota unveils automated eco-cars
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Toyota unveils automated eco-cars

Mr Leroypresented Toyota’s concept cars at Tokyo Motor Show 2017.
Mr Leroypresented Toyota’s concept cars at Tokyo Motor Show 2017.

Automotive giant Toyota Motor Corporation has unveiled new products, including fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) developed with three technologies to be eco-friendly, at the Tokyo Motor Show in Japan.

Toyota executive vice-president Didier Leroy said Toyota harnessed three technologies -- artificial intelligence (AI), automated driving and electric-powered mobility system -- to develop new vehicle models that debuted at Tokyo Motor Show 2017.

The exhibition is being held until Nov 5 at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center.

The latest automobiles launched in the event also include two FCVs: Fine Comfort Ride, a sedan that discharges no CO2 or substances of concern; and Sora, a bus designed to enhance passenger comfort.

The other vehicles launched with FCV are GR HV Sports concept, Toyota Concept-i, Toyota Concept-i Ride, TJ Cruiser, Crown Concept and the third-generation Century limousine.

Mr Leroy said all Concept-i series were developed with AI, which helps connect drivers with their vehicles in order to lower the risk of accidents.

"AI can be materialised within 2020 by linking innovation with a large database," he said. "Mobility Service Platform, a Toyota transport service that can operate through cloud computing, will also be installed in almost all Toyota private vehicles."

Automated drive technology will help Toyota achieve "mobility for everyone" by enhancing "chauffeur" and "guardian" systems.

"We call these systems Mobility Teammate, and our vehicles will be equipped for expressways by 2020," Mr Leroy said.

Lastly, the electric-powered mobility system will be used to develop eco-friendly electric cars.

According to Mr Leroy, Toyota has sold almost 1.5 million electric vehicles a year in more than 90 countries, garnering a 43% market share. More than 11 electric Toyota models have been sold over the past two decades.

Mr Leroy said all vehicles were developed under the theme "Start Your Impossible", which was inspired by the Olympic and Paralympic Games, due to be hosted by Japan in 2020.

Toyota also aims to release more than 100 Sora buses in Tokyo by 2020 to accommodate passengers during both events under the concept of "Mobility for Everyone".

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