Zense diversifying programme outlets
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Zense diversifying programme outlets

Varavuth: Quality content is vital
Varavuth: Quality content is vital

Zense Entertainment Co, an event manager and provider of variety and game show content, will focus on multi-platform outlets to capitalise on the digital era.

Varavuth Jentanakul, Zense's founder and chief executive, said the company has invested 700 million baht this year to produce five new programmes for digital TV channels and online media.

The company is also planning on debuting online channels.

"Zense Entertainment has been a strong provider of TV programming, but we have to develop content to serve online channels due to the sweeping changes in media that has audiences moving away from TV," Mr Varavuth said.

Zense aims for 800 million baht in revenue this year, up from 500 million in 2017, thanks to new content.

Mr Varavuth said social networks have also helped drive the company's popularity, with higher audience engagement via Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Line.

He reaffirmed that in the end, quality content is the key to keeping audiences, no matter what they are watching, be it a singing contest or a soap opera.

Mr Varavuth said he was unsure about the media expenditure situation, as the industry is always surging with improvements in the overall economy. But the situation is likely to improve from next month because brands will place advertising for the summer season.

"The media industry is totally reliant on the economic situation," Mr Varavuth said, adding that Zense aims to produce innovative TV programmes, developing content to tap younger audiences.

Apart from focusing on local content, Zense aims to be the world's leading international content provider, he said.

Zense's overall TV programmes during January-December 2017 averaged viewership ratings of 3.2.

The company has produced more than 38 TV programmes in the past eight years, totalling 3,500 hours.

Of the 38 TV programmes, 11 are international format programmes and 27 are under the company's own formats.

Zense Entertainment has nine TV programmes, broadcasting through leading digital TV channels such as BBTV's Channel 7, BEC World's Channel 3 (HD, SD and Family), True4U, One 31 and PPTV.

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