EU exempts Thailand from protective steel tariffs

EU exempts Thailand from protective steel tariffs

The European Union has exempted Thailand from protective steel tariffs for 200 days, because of its developing country status and low volume of steel exports.

Adul Chotinisakorn, director-general of the Foreign Trade Department, said on Thursday the European Commission had imposed provisional tariffs on 23 categories of steel products to protect the European steel industry.

The tariffs were included in provisional safeguard measures announced on July 18 to be enforced while the EU considers additional protective measures.

However, the EU on July 19 exempt Thailand from the tariffs because Thailand was a developing country and Thai steel products make up less than 3% of the EU's total steel imports. The exemption would last 200 days from July 19, Mr Adul said.

The EU would organise meetings in September to receive opinions from stakeholders, and the Foreign Trade Department would be there to seek further exemption, he said.

Mr Adul warned Thai steel exporters to control the volume of cold-rolled stainless steel sheets and strips, and non-alloyed wires.

Exports of these lines to the EU was relatively high. If Thai steel products exceeded 3% of the EU's total imports of these products, Thailand could face EU safeguard tariffs, Mr Adul said.

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