Zero emissions plan in progress
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Zero emissions plan in progress

Thai authorities in energy and environmental development are teaming up to draft a master plan to help Thailand reach zero net carbon emissions.

The move was initiated at a recent meeting led by Energy Minister Supattanapong Punmeechao and Varawut Silpa-archa, the natural resources and environment minister, with Siam Cement Group. The goal was to set up long-term strategies for Thailand on climate change mitigation and curbing CO2 emissions.

The presentation is scheduled for the 26th session of the UN climate change conference (COP26), which is scheduled to take place in Glasgow, Scotland on Nov 12 this year, presided over by the UK.

Kulit Sombasiri, permanent secretary for energy, said initiatives were proposed to change Thailand's fuel mix in the power generation industry that would lower CO2, build up the electrical vehicle (EV) industry, and manage waste through the model for bio-, circular and green economy.

The plan includes support for goods made from low-carbon processes, smart projects on agricultural farms and metropolitan areas, and a carbon capture storage system.

The plan aims set a peak target and a goal of net zero emissions per year.

The final draft is expected to be completed by April, then submitted to the cabinet.

For the energy sector, Mr Kulit said energy authorities and the Federation of Thai Industries are drafting the Thailand Integrated Energy Blueprint (TIEB) to set up a zero carbon emissions goal in response to growing trends of renewable energy and EVs.

The plan is based on the 2018 power development plan and the country's plans for oil, gas, alternative energy development and energy efficiency.

He said the deadline to attain the TIEB goals will be determined and should not differ much from similar goals set in the US and EU. Western countries have set 2050 as the date to achieve zero emissions, 10 years ahead of China.

"Before we determine a date, a clear long-term plan and list of actions must be made," said Mr Kulit.

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