First Real Estate NFT to launch soon
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First Real Estate NFT to launch soon

Lunique Real Estate Co., Ltd. launched a new metaverse project "VIRIUM" with Ionia Lab in December 2021.

The NFT market has been popular since last year and Virium is the world's first mixed-reality metaverse project exploring the realms of community, real estate and virtual worlds to redefine how utility can be achieved within the crypto and NFT space.

In Phase 1, Virium plans to achieve "Digital Twins," which essentially means a digital reflection of the physical world, inspired by physical architecture and the world around us. In phase 2, "Digital Origins," Virium will focus on building digital originals, building a world on our digital platform with PGC and UGC integrations. In Phase 3, Virium will create the "Dual Worlds" in the previous two phases. Virium brings things from the physical world to the virtual world and creates a new virtual world. In phase 3, Virium will bring the contents created in the digital platform into the real world and vice versa, bridging the gap between physical experience and virtual experience.

Lunique believes that the metaverse needs a strong and relatable connection with the physical world. We would like to offer both physical life experiences and virtual life experiences to our members. 

The metaverse shown below is designed by Ionia lab and inspired by Lunique's condominium project "Lucean". The virtual Virium will contain three parts: "Tower" which corresponds to the project,  "Lucean" and "Island" a public area built by Virium for Citizens to interact and connect, where we will create Digital Origins. "The Undercity" is a freeland which links to other portals.

Lucean is developed by luxury real estate developing company Lunique Real Estate Co., Ltd., founded in 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand, with a registered capital of $24.5 million. 

Skypark Lucean Pattaya, the one next to Lucean is also developed with Lucean partnered with Banyan Tree Holdings. 

Lucean, a new luxury condominium project located in Jomtien Pattaya, is developed by Lunique Real Estate with well-known architecture company Tandem. The 60-storey project will be the new standout landmark in Pattaya. Unit types at Lucean range from studio to four-bedroom and every unit has a beautiful direct sea view. 

Lucean includes two infinity swimming pools, sky gym, kids’ club, co-working spaces, library, games room, sky garden, jogging track, hotel-like 24hr service, property rental management and more. Each unit is furnished and Mixed reality-integrated and designed to have a direct view of the ocean with the famous Pattaya beach only 200 metres away.

(LUNIQUE’s project)

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