MQDC unveils Cloud 11 as Asia’s Largest Hub for Content Creators with “Empowering Creators” Concept
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MQDC unveils Cloud 11 as Asia’s Largest Hub for Content Creators with “Empowering Creators” Concept

MQDC unveils Cloud 11 as Asia’s Largest Hub for Content Creators with “Empowering Creators” Concept, preparing creators for the global era

While Thailand has projected economic growth generated by the digital industry, particularly digital content, to surge to over 62.4 billion baht by the end of 2024, the country remains under par compared to other countries in Asia, led by China, Japan and Korea.

Sources of creativity sprout from surroundings, limitations and pressures. Creators around the world nowadays are blessed with their own talents and supported by state-of-the art technology to propel their works further and even better with diverse collaborations.

“Cloud 11”, the mixed-used project is a new addition to innovative sphere in South Sukhumvit, is a 40 billion baht  Project Value and owned by MQDC. The new digital realm spanning over 27 rai is purposed to empower creators to step forward to pursue their dreams, ambitions or careers to grow “Creator Economy” under an innovative ecosystem in South Sukhumvit.

Ranging 15 to 45 year-old, Thai creators are diverse in their needs, tech savvy and with high expertise. The rising digital segments, namely, Web3, Metaverse and Blockchain, are key-drivers of technology by Thai creators to advanced level and up from local YouTubers to global influencers.

“Cloud 11 will be Asia’s largest hub for content creators with provision of comprehensive ecosystems supported by professional technology specialists who assist creators with the most progressive tech in the world,” announced Onza Janyaprasert, Project Director, Cloud 11 (MQDC). “Cloud 11 not only turns a new page but also opens the box for creators to have their heads in the cloud with tangible supports and facilities.”

In enabling a borderless territory of creativity, the building design is the vital element for Cloud 11 to empower the creative potential to reach the sky.

MQDC works in collaboration with Snøhetta, the world’s leading architectural design firm as design consultant and A49 Group, Thailand’s prestigious architectural company to create the ‘built to last’ innovative hub based on studies, research, and surveys into communities’ unmet needs and challenges associated with their lifestyle while sustaining surrounding contexts.

“The design elements aim to regenerate layers for society, economy, and environment adjacent to a massive green area,” said Kjetil Trædal Thorsen, the Norwegian architect and co-founder of Snøhetta, the integrated design practice of architecture, landscape, interiors, furniture, graphic and brand design firm with over 300 ongoing projects. “The seamless environment of overall design includes the building’s O-shape entrance which increases visibility from the BTS Punnavithee skywalk, enabling access for the locals as well as welcoming them to be part of the hub. The space is also a greenscape for creators that releases their potential to grow under the sky and in the shade of buildings designed to protect against intrusive sunlight and urban heat.”

An atrium or open-air or sky-lit court space features timeless modern day design to enhance air-flow and provide recreation space for all. A void in the buildings enables occupants of each building to enjoy empty space and avoid facing one another, thus allowing them to enjoy further perspectives. Meanwhile, the plants are exposed to ample sunlight. 

“The design challenges lie in providing solutions to the local context and responding to their needs,” said Nitis Sthapitanonda, Executive Director, Architects 49 (A49) International Limited, the owner of broad ranges of design projects, including True Digital Park, King Power Phuket, Prince Mahidol Hall, Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak, and many more. “The 400-metre Cannel Walk resolves the polluted cannel with appropriate waste treatment programme. The enhanced area expands the front walkway to support locals and creators in the complex and let them be inspired by the open space giving a sense of inclusiveness for diverse interests and expertise.”

Cloud 11 compound features 7 zones as follows:

  • Creative Office & Studio Space: 24-hour working space equipped with ultra-high speed internet and silent air-conditioning to generate privacy for thinking heads amid LEED and WELL Building Standards.
  • Hybrid Retail: Shopping mall consisting of physical retail and other services to enrich creativity such as “The Cloud Kitchen”, a sandbox for food content newbies to experiment with recipes and styles prior to actual investment in their own restaurants or dine-in services. 
  • Smart Hotel & Lifestyle Hotel: For creators who work around the clock and need a change of scenery to refresh their mind. The two-worldclass hotel chains facilitate new generation, startups, investors, and tech executives.
  • Education: Allocated for academic institutes, research centres, and incubation facilities to drive talents and keep them abreast of changes in technology. 
  • Cultural: A concert and e-sport hall for gathering creative minds to share and exchange expertise.
  • Public Space: The largest green elevated park in Bangkok where endless imagination can flourish.

Cloud 11 is slated to be completed by the end of Q4/2024. The creative office and retail spaces are now available for reservations. Register interest or make enquiries now at 

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