No knife 25 min Fat Reduction NOW Available!!! In Bangkok
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No knife 25 min Fat Reduction NOW Available!!! In Bangkok

Beyond Beauty by Dr.Nida
Beyond Beauty by Dr.Nida

Discover the No.1 Three Superb technologies to kill fat cells, tighten body and strengthen muscles without surgery in Thailand


At Nida Esth' Medical Centre with the Honorable Beauty Award from Editors of Hello Magazine
As the 'Leader of Aesthetic Laser Technology of the Year 2022'

“Today, ‘Dr. Sunida Yuthayotin, MD’ or ‘Dr. Nida’ will disclose her secrets of a perfectly beautiful physique with ‘NO KNIFE’ , but simply laser technology within only 25 minutes. And, where to find such amazing technologies? Let’s find out!”

“To be honest, I must say that it is true that we, Nida Esth’, is now providing non-invasive laser technologies that can definitely create a perfect body within 25 minutes. As, recently, we were chosen as a leader in aesthetic laser technology by Hello Magazine's Editors' Choice, and one of the reasons we were able to win the editors' hearts is because Nida Esth' has comprehensive technology and solutions to all problems, from hair to the entire body with the development of a personalised treatment plan that I create for each patient based on the issues and results of the examination using particular AI technology to measure and process into a more understandable format.”

“Today, I'm excited to share our top 3 body-shape non-invasive laser technologies, which thousands of patients who have visited Nida Esth’ in the previous years have found to be effective, safe and painless. Also, from my 24 years of experiences in treating patients, I realise that each individual has different body types or even in the same person some has different body problems in different areas I'd like to begin by stating that the three main body concerns that I have found as follows:

  1. Excessive amount of fat accumulated in various areas such as abdomen, arms, legs, thigh etc. 
  2. Sagging skin in various areas such as arms and stomach, mainly caused by rapid weight loss, childbirth or aging process 
  3. Weak and infirm muscles due to lack of exercise., pregnancy, etc.

However, all of these body problems can be resolved here at Nida Esth, and the best part is that there technologies involve no pain, no need for surgery, and no recovery period as there is merely the use of laser technology which can also bring you the ideal perfect body as you wish.

These mentioned 3 non-invasive technologies we offer are Robotic Fat Killer by Sculpture®, Fotona TightSculpting® and 3D Body Design by Triple T from Evolve® which cover all the mentioned problems of body shape and deliver all of you ‘the ideal perfect body that you desire’.”

‘The New Robotic Fat Killer by SculpSure® from USA’

Eliminates Fat Cells and Creates the Perfect Shape in Just 25 Minutes

Best Candidates: The ideal treatment for people with trouble of excess fat in many parts of areas including belly, love handles, back, thighs, and under the chin, particularly those that seem resistant to diet and exercise. It is also for people who need non-invasive approach to get rid of fat permanently.

“The first technology I'd like to talk about is the Robotic Fat Killer by SculpSure®, which can break down fat from the body without the need for surgery, injections, suction, or discomfort in order to produce slimming results in just 25 minutes. It is also a laser technique that can penetrate excess fat cells and kill them by applying laser energy in the 1060 nm wave, which heats up the cells' interiors to temperatures between 42 and 47 °C until they shock and disintegrate. Then, the lymphatic system, which works well in all places with extra fat, will help the body get rid of these dead fat cells. Additionally, following each treatment, the amount of fat in the treated area can be reduced by roughly 24–32%. Since the operation centre in the United States controls the energy used to remove fat, I'm confident it's safe.  As a result, every patient is receiving the energy value that is appropriate for them all.”

“Robotic Fat Killer is also completely superior to conventional fat dissolving with 5 superiorities as follows”
Slimmer: Kills more fat cells – a larger area (in the same amount of time)
Firmer: Melt away fat and tighten the skin at the same time
Effective Result: No pain, no bruise and no downtime
Safer: No risk of dead skin from freezing cold
Cheaper: Killing fat cells in many areas at the same time

Robotic Fat Killer by SculpSure’s Benefits

  • NO Surgery, NO Injection, NO Bruise and NO Downtime 
  • Immediately tighten the skin while killing fat cells
  • Various areas can be done at the same time including upper arms, back wings,  stomach, waist and thigh
  • Suitable for everyone, both men and women who want to get rid of excess fat permanently without surgery

‘Fotona TightSculpting®’

Advanced laser-scanning Technique for Skin Firming & Cellulite Smoothening 

Best Candidates: It is suitable for most individuals. It is ideal for anyone looking to tighten loose skin or sculpt a portion of their body by getting rid of unwanted fat deposits that are hard to lose through dieting and exercise. It is also designed for individuals with problems of moderate skin laxity, sagging skin and cellulite.

“The second technology I’d love to recommend to my patients is especially designed for individuals who find it very difficult to reduce and contour fat deposits in certain areas of the body. Not only does skin laxity diminish with age, but patients who have undergone significant weight loss can be left with loose/sagging skin that cannot be tackled with diet and exercise alone. That’s where we need an exclusive technology to get rid of these problems. The mentioned technology is called Fotona TightSculpting® which is a non-invasive dual-wavelength laser technique for sculpting and skin tightening on all body areas that works through an individualised heat energy system. It has been proven to directly and effectively kills fat cells (adipose tissue) and stimulates collagen formation for slimming, firming, and smoothing results. The treatment doesn't take long and it is also entirely safe and does not require any injections, so there is no reason to be concerned about scars at all. Fotona TightSculpting functions are divided into two steps:”

  • STEP 1 Effectively tighten skin and reduce fat with PIANO® exclusive energy mode
    The treatment is completed in two phases, the first gives deep connective tissue tightening and fat reduction. Using Fotona’s PIANO® pulse mode, the energy is delivered to fat cells, which are stimulated and heated safely and comfortably. It keeps the epidermis intact and not swollen, red, or bruised by focusing on supplying energy to increase the metabolism of fat cells beneath the skin.
  • STEP 2 Reconstructs skin elasticity with SMOOTH® proprietary power mode.
    The second phase of treatment focuses on tightening the superficial layers of skin using a non-ablative SMOOTH® mode. The energy from the laser both tightens collagen fibres and stimulates the production of new collagen. This results in effective tightening of the skin, enhanced elasticity, and gives the skin a more youthful overall appearance.

As many women nowadays are experiencing sagging skin issues, which can be brought on by aging process, lack of exercise, childbirth or too-rapid weight loss which prevents the skin from properly adapting. Therefore, wouldn't it be better if we could eliminate these issues without suffering, undergoing surgery, or devoting time to recovery?

Fotona TightSculpting’s Benefits

  • NO Surgery, NO Injection, NO Bruise and NO Downtime
  • Multi-therapy that can treat many parts of body
  • A firmer and slimmer body shape result
  • Give clear results, equivalent to surgery
  • Gentle and suitable for all skin types

‘3D Body Design by Triple T from Evolve®

All-in-one Solution that Designs the Perfect body in every dimension & every angle by yourself

Best Candidates: It is an excellent option for those who want to contour their body, tighten the skin, and tone up their muscles at the same time. This treatment works for a wide variety of body types, especially individuals who already maintain a healthy lifestyle such as a good diet and regular exercise.

“Lastly, I’d love to present the final but most special program as it can completely and effectively solve all of your body shape concerns. It is a hand-free, no-downtime & non-invasive technology that is best for those who desire the more perfect body in all dimensions including body contouring, body tightening, and muscle stimulation. This is called 3D Body Design by Triple T is a non-surgical fat burning, body tightening, and muscle stimulation treatment, using three elements - Trim, Tite, and Tone. It targets deep tissues to sculpt the body, tone skin, and strengthen muscles in one device. Right now, it is the most recent copyrighted technology built specifically to address all body concerns in one treatment in 3 dimensions without wasting time.”

You can rest certain that the 3D Body Design by Triple T technology is safe and yields remarkable results because it is a dynamic therapy that may address a variety of physical issues, including excess body fat, cellulite, sagging skin, and untoned muscles. The time it takes to heal is likewise extremely short. Additionally, there is no need to rest. After therapy, patients are able to resume their usual lives and can simultaneously address multiple body problems.

It was also developed with safety as a priority, with a platform that includes a colour-coordinated temperature guide to effectively monitor the level of heat that’s being emitted. Finally, it is fully customisable in order to treat almost any body type, and is most commonly used on the abdomen, arms, legs, flanks, and buttocks. 

3D Body Design by Triple T divides the treatment modes into 3 dimensions that work effectively in parallel, consisting of

  • 1st Dimension Body Design: Trim - Get rid of fat cells for a flat stomach, tighten the abdomen, and smooth skin, It also helps break down cellulite on the thighs.
  • 2nd Dimension Body Design: Tite - Lift and tighten the sagging body to firm and look younger 
  • 3rd Dimension Body Design: Tone - Tighten the muscles in all proportions of the body to firm up the figure in all dimensions, from every angle

3D Body Design by Triple T’s Benefits

  • NO Surgery, NO Injection, NO Bruise and NO Downtime 
  • All-in-One Solution for a beautiful and compact body
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • No risk of scarring and infection
  • Treat several areas at the same time
  • Solve body problems in all 3 dimensions
  • Hand-free technology reducing contact between nurses and patients

"Therefore, for those who are interested and searching for the best option for achieving their dream ideal body, you're more than welcome for a more thorough personal consultation with me beginning with the first important step, Body Simulation Design by Vectra 3D for full body analysis which is reliable and accurate with Vectra's High Definition 3D Imaging System that allows you to see the real results after the treatment.

Additionally, Robo-body Scanning Analysis technology, which measures the interior body and determines total body composition, is combined with treatment approaches for the greatest results. The body's age in relation to its real age and different internal system variables that affect health and conditions linked to excess fat are also measured by this technology.

Finally, after speaking with you personally and reviewing the results of your body measurements, we will be able to decide which technology will meet your objectives and problems the best. We will then design a treatment strategy that is uniquely tailored for you in order to help you get the ideal outcome that closely relates to your needs.

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