SC Asset Aims to Become the Go-To Condo Brand for the Younger Generation with Its Inclusive "Everybody's High-Rise" Philosophy
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SC Asset Aims to Become the Go-To Condo Brand for the Younger Generation with Its Inclusive "Everybody's High-Rise" Philosophy

SC Asset Corporation Public Company Limited (SC), a leading high end luxury to economy real estate developer listed on The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), targets being Thailand’s ‘top-of-mind’ condominium brand among all segments, particularly young generations, by launching new condominium brands, taking “Everybody’s high-rise” as its brand philosophy as part of its 5-year business growth roadmap.

"Our top priority is the quality of SC products and services, both before and after the transfer. This sets us apart from other players," said Ms. Kanokon Limkumnerd, Chief Operating Officer – Property Development – High Rise, SC Asset Corporation Public Company Limited. 

Since 20 years ago that SC Asset was listed in the SET, the company has fine-tuned business methods to develop residential projects that serve all segments. Now we want to increase more portfolios in Condominium type, accounting for 30%, while 70-80% are homes, so we tap into rising demand of young generations (28-40 years) to build more ‘SC Condo’ to create quality and integrated communities in order to make their everyday a good start in line with SC’s 5-year roadmap (2023-2027). 

“The move also came after the condo market is currently showing signs of recovery and is expected to continue growing, thanks to the full reopening of many countries, which has boosted the economy. Consumers possess purchasing power and are actively seeking living spaces that cater to their lifestyle needs, particularly in urban areas. Condos fulfil all the factors of liveability, including desirable locations sought by consumers,” Ms. Kanokon stated.

Ms. Kanokon also emphasised the key strategies of maintaining quality and proactive growth by developing residential units across all price ranges, rather than solely focusing on high-end properties. She highlighted the importance of conducting research for continuous improvement of products, after-sales services, and overall customer satisfaction.

Regarding the SC Asset's insights and studies on the needs, identities, and lifestyles of the new generation, Ms. Kanokon explained that millennial consumers has unique ways of life and embraces diversity and technology. They are drawn to products that are distinctive and reflect their identity or tell a story. They also exhibit eco-conscious behaviour, enjoy travelling, seek investment opportunities, prefer online shopping, appreciate fine dining, but simultaneously experience feelings of loneliness due to their tendency to live in the online world, resulting in limited personal interactions.  That is why they seek communities where like-minded individuals congregate. Therefore, we want to create a space that makes them experience seamless and integrated experiences under the concept ‘Using Co-Living Space Privately, Being Yourself In The Co-Living Space’.

“SC Asset’s core strengths are 'Sincerity,' 'Caring,' and 'Freshness,” said Ms. Chomchada Kuldiloke, Head of Corporate Brand and Communications at SC Asset. This means sincerely taking care of customers with the utmost dedication. The company is committed to maintaining high quality and innovative design, following a 'Human-Centric' concept, to provide customers with products and services that perfectly meet their demands and align with current consumer trends.

“The company's primary goal is to become the preferred condo brand, particularly among the younger generation, through its latest brand philosophy called ‘Everybody's High-Rise.’ This philosophy revolves around catering to the diverse and evolving lifestyles of the new generation, who seek a well-rounded living experience that combines private and communal spaces," added Ms. Chomchada.

With this in mind, this year, SC Asset wants to expand into the condo group in order to fulfil the product portfolio to cover all segments by creating a new brand like “COBE Ratchada-Rama9”, built on over 12 rai of land and comprising 9 high-rise buildings, to penetrate the young generation group at a starting price of 2.39 million baht for the first time. 

“We take our strength from the existing resources of SC Asset such as RueJai Application and SC Able, including the design of regular workshop activities to use in the project to enhance customer experience,” said Ms. Chomchada.

For innovation, SC created ‘RueJai’ Application to enhance seamless experience for all residents in regards to home services, maintenance and repairs and making use of facilities such as booking for a swimming pool or other facilities and limit the number of users if wanting a degree of privacy or reserving co-working space to arrange classes such as cooking classes if wanting to socialise with others. Moreover, not only allowing users to get to know more friends, users will receive newsletters, interesting tips, activity announcements and several special privileges “For Good Mornings” of all SC Asset home residents. 

“As we aim to create sustainable growth while seeking new business opportunities, this innovative technology is being developed to create an independent connection between the real world and virtual world and it matches the lifestyles of modern consumers,” Ms Kanokon said.

Speaking of sustainability, Ms Kanokon said, “All SC condos have effective waste segregation management and in the future, there will be solar roof and EV charging stations installed in our condo projects to raise green awareness among residents.”

When asked to describe what a personification of "Everybody's High-Rise" would look like, Ms. Chomchada stated, "He/She would be a reliable and creative individual, dressed in modern attire, with a caring and sincere demeanour."

“We take pride in creating an enriching society where home and happiness meets the perfect balance,” concluded Ms. Chomchada. “SC Asset’s business concept is not limited to developing residences. We create complete living experiences.”

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