Phuket plans to ease reliance on tourism
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Phuket plans to ease reliance on tourism

A family of tourists relax on Karon Beach, the longest beach in Phuket. (Photo: Achadthaya Chuenniran)
A family of tourists relax on Karon Beach, the longest beach in Phuket. (Photo: Achadthaya Chuenniran)

PHUKET: The resort island province is working on a plan to develop itself into a "New Economy" less reliant on tourism for its survival.

According to Phuket's deputy governor, Amnuay Pinsuwan, the "10+ Pillars" plan covers every aspect of the island that can enhance its economy.

Those include gastronomy, education, its status as a maritime destination, medical and wellness, and SMEs.

Sustainable economies, sports, tourism, fisheries, and Mice activity support were also on the list.

The pillars were designed after an analysis of the local economy's development potential.

According to Mr Amnuay, the plan is expected to link people in various markets while encouraging business pairings covering industries on the island.

Regarding Mice activities, Mr Amnuay said more such opportunities were expected, as Phuket has been included in the list of seven "Mice Cities" by the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB).

Phuket also provides well-known attractions, making the island the perfect destination for both conferences and trips.

Expos which focus on luxury businesses like yachts and real estate could flow from the province, encouraging more Mice activities on the island.

"Phuket is one of the famous cities for Mice organisers around the world. Both sides of the city -- both the old city areas and natural attractions -- have proven popular and attracted a huge number of people each year," Mr Amnuay told the Bangkok Post.

A TCEB representative said many expo projects, including Phuket's recent bid to host the Specialised Expo 2028, stemmed from a vision regarding the potential of the provinces in the southern region as expo hosts.

A country's role in stimulating the economy is essential, so the TCEB came up with a plan to elevate entrepreneurs' ability to welcome global expo organisers to work on proposals.

One of those was a workshop for entrepreneurs in three tourism provinces, namely Phuket, Trang, and Surat Thani, regarding preparations for a global expo. The workshop will be held in Surat Thani on Aug 22-23.

Amnuay: Market links for locals

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