Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day
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Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day

Shopee kicks off its biggest shopping event ‘Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day’ the original online campaign with real value for shoppers

Thailand, September 7, 2023 – Shopee, a leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan kick-starts the year-end shopping festival with the iconic ‘Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day’. For the eighth consecutive year, Shopee continues to offer its users with deals, promotions and much awaited entertainment under concept “the best shopping experience at Shopee 9.9’ this year. The platform also creates opportunities and empowered brands’ and sellers’ online business in their continued growth.

Suchaya Paleewong, Senior Marketing Manager at Shopee Thailand said “The ‘Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day’ holds immense importance for all of us at Shopee. As a pioneer of this internationally recognised shopping event, the iconic ‘9.9’ is a mega opportunity for buyers and sellers to fully leverage the ecommerce world. Shopee remains dedicated to enhancing and tailoring our campaign to cater to the evolving behaviors and insights of users in the dynamic landscape of 2023. Our goal is to continue offering an enriched shopping experience, brimming with value, entertainment, and enjoyment for all our users.” 

Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day, reflecting the confidence of Thai consumers

The growth of ‘Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day’ serves as a clear indication of the enormous potential within the ecommerce landscape in this region, including in Thailand. Additionally, a recent survey of Shopee users in the second quarter of 2023, unveiled that 91% of its buyers in Thailand foresee they’d spend more or the same in the near future over the next 6 months. This finding underscores the growing confidence among shoppers, further reinforcing their enthusiasm for shopping in the latter half of the year.

In creating the mega campaign, Shopee continues to prioritize its users, by studying and understanding insights relating to today’s consumers, and now focuses on addressing their needs as follows: 

  • Look for and compare the most cost-effective shopping to align with the cost of living
    Consumers are now more conscious of their spending, they plan the purchase in line with their everyday life that might place more concern on the cost of living. The ‘9.9’ campaign is set to deliver the best deals and real value-for-money promotions.  
  • The importance of building a better quality of life
    Today’s consumers are aware of and looking for life improvements. In response, Shopee provides a wide variety of assortments that covers every possible need of its users, as well as value during the big campaign season. These offerings elevate users’ way of life, and create alternatives that fit with users’ taste, preference and a better quality of life.   
  • Consumers are willing to pay for a more convenient and reliable choice
    Consumers are now looking for and willing to pay more for convenience and reliability. To perfectly blend its products and service with this modern lifestyle choice, Shopee offers great deals and promotions for Shopee Mall, 100% authentic products in ‘9.9’. Users can now rest assured with 100% authentic guarantee from brands or its authorized distributors, and return/refund within 15 days policy. 
  • Secure online shopping and user protection
    Consumers are familiar with the platform they engage with daily. Besides the convenience of the service, they prioritize safety and are more aware of the growing threats and scams online. Therefore, a good shopping experience needs to build trust and to show users that they can expect a secure and reliable journey. Shopee highlights the ‘Shop Safe with Shopee’ program to protect and ensure that online shopping is safe and secure, especially during the busiest time for online shopping in the latter half of the year.  

Only the best for shoppers in ‘Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day’

To celebrate this year’s 9.9, from September 4th - 11th 2023, Thai shoppers can enjoy discount value of over 1 billion baht  from Shopee sellers and partner brands. Users can find ‘lowest price and best deals on Shopee’, with great entertainment, highlighted as follows:

The best deals of the year on Shopee
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  • 90% Coin Cashback: get the best value for your money in 9.9 with Coin Cashback codes, available throughout the campaign
  • 50% discount codes in every livestream: true Shopee fans cannot miss livestream shopping in 9.9. Get 50% discount code when joining a livestream.
  • Great deals from midnight to 2AM: find products from famous brands in every category with lowest price from midnight to 2AM on September 9th on Shopee.

Biggest surprise as “Engfa Waraha” takes the spot as Brand Ambassador

To add more excitement, Shopee snatched ‘Engfa Waraha’ as Brand Ambassador with the phenomenal debut of #99ShopeeENGFA hashtag, which exceeded a million posts and marked #1 trending on Twitter (X) in Thailand. Engfa also appeared in its latest TVC of  ‘Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day’ to rock the ecommerce scene and hype up a viral phenomenon with the trending #อิงฟ้าเอวS which can be followed on the official account of Shopee Thailand on various social media platforms.

Celebrating the shopping event with major brands in Shopee 9.9 Shopping Festival

Shopee is inviting all to celebrate in ‘Shopee 9.9 Shopping Festival’ under theme ‘greatest ecommerce parade of the year’. Artists and celebrities are joining the event to spread cheer and joy, with awesome deals and privileges from many major brands including American Tourister Thailand, Barenbliss, Enfagrow, Hisense, IRIS OHYAMA, Plantae, Samsung, Y.O.U, Yuedpao and The Walt Disney Thailand

Shopper can enjoy safe and secure online shopping with Shop Safe with Shopee

Safety is an essential standard to create the best online shopping experience during big campaigns. This year, Shopee highlights the 'Shop Safe with Shopee’ programme to protect and ensure that online shopping is safe and secure. Every transaction can be done with confidence with highlighted features on Shopee, including 1) Shopee Guarantee 2) 100% authentic and quality products on Shopee Mall and 3) fast and convenient refund / return services To find out more about Shop Safe with Shopee, visit: 

“Every year, 9.9 has always made Shopee achieve great heights, which in turn reflects our region’s potential, which stemmed from the trust in ecommerce of our users, buyers and brand partners. In our commitment to design campaigns for our users, Shopee believes that ‘Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day’ will create the fittest and best online shopping experience in 2023. All are invited and welcomed to join the celebration of this very special campaign together with us,” Suchaya concluded.”

Explore more about ‘Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day’ starting from 4 - 11 September 2023, visit

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