Mall operator sinks B3bn into collaborative tech ecosystem
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Mall operator sinks B3bn into collaborative tech ecosystem

Despite the recent deadly shooting at its mall, Siam Paragon Development Co remains committed to investing 3 billion baht from this year through the first half of 2024 to transform Siam Paragon into a new world of lifestyle shopping.

As a vital part of the investment plan, Siam Paragon yesterday held a grand opening event for "Siam Paragon Next Tech x Scbx", a collaborative tech ecosystem covering more than 4,000 square metres of floor space on the fourth floor of Siam Paragon.

Comprising a 200-million-baht investment, the new tech zone aims to attract young consumers.

There are plans to add food outlets and stores selling luxury goods on the mall's first and M floors, according to Chadatip Chutrakul, the company's chief executive.

"Siam Paragon is currently undergoing a monumental transformation into 'The World of Tomorrow'. In pursuit of this vision and to align with the evolving needs of future lifestyles, the company has forged partnerships with esteemed leaders within its ecosystem to create 'Siam Paragon Next Tech x Scbx', a collaborative tech ecosystem," said Mrs Chadatip. "This collaboration, supported by SCBX and premier partners from various sectors within the tech ecosystem, has led to the establishment of a dynamic learning space. Here, young individuals, students, and the curious can cultivate their potential, share knowledge, and prepare themselves for the ever-evolving digital landscape of the future."

According to Mrs Chadatip, the company also aims to play a pivotal role in positioning Thailand as a future hub of digital innovation in the region.

Arthid Nanthawithaya, chief executive of SCB X Plc, said the collaborative creation of "Next Tech" is propelling Thailand towards a digital future and positioning it as the epicentre of regional digital innovation.

Within this innovative space, knowledge and cutting-edge technologies are prominently featured, each showcased within distinct future communities: Dev Connect, Blockchain Web3 & Fintech, New Tech, Health Tech, Gamer's Guild, AI Arena, and Social Co-Creators.

This ambitious ecosystem unites a distinguished roster of partners, including SCBX, Focus, Bitcast, Connex, Depa, JIB, Looloo Tech x Samitivej, SiamSandbox, Synnex, Techsauce, TFA, TikTok, The Standard, Money & Banking, AIS, ONESIAM SuperApp, and more.

Other zones include Scbx Next Stage, a spacious venue accommodating up to 300 people, specifically curated for seminars and workshops to foster lively knowledge exchange.

Moreover, an exhibition area dedicated to a diverse range of creative art forms, curated to captivate younger generations, will debut with an awe-inspiring digital art exhibition by world-renowned French artist Miguel Chevalier. This promises an unprecedented interactive experience for the local audience, creating an atmosphere of excitement and wonder, according to Mr Arthid.

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