Caltex fuels growth acceleration plans for Thailand through expansion of fuel retail network
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Caltex fuels growth acceleration plans for Thailand through expansion of fuel retail network

bolstering its position as a world-class service station brand

Caltex announced its strategic plan to grow the business in Thailand by ramping up its retail portfolio nationwide while continuing to enhance brand value by offering high quality services and products to bring the next-level experience for motorist customers across Thailand, reinforcing its position as a leading global service station brand.

Mr. Shashank Nanavati, Country Chairman and General Manager, Chevron (Thailand) Limited (CTL), the marketer of Caltex brand in Thailand, revealed “The current global oil market is very complex and ever-changing. There are several factors that influence oil prices and fuel trade. Therefore, the fuel retail business is highly competitive and players in the market need to develop and execute strategic actions to drive sales. During the first half of 2023, we successfully achieved our target of over 12% sales volume growth compared to the same period last year. We are also positioning ourselves to provide better solutions to meet evolving business trends and consumer needs.”

On the topic of the company’s business direction this year, CTL’s Country Chairman and GM said, “We are committed to developing and growing our business with a target to add more than 50 petrol stations to our existing retail network of over 420 stations within 2023. The emphasis will be on more flagship stations with highlight on their eye-catching design that attracts customers and improving brand recognition. In addition, the company has collaborated with several prominent non-fuel partners as well as local retail brands to expand our non-oil offerings and provide more options for motorists and customers seeking more than re-fuelling when visiting petrol stations. We target to add more than 10% new non-fuel outlets at Caltex fuel service stations within this year.”

“In addition to growing our businesses and consumers’ confidence with quality products and service offers, Caltex has focused on developing “Caltex Rewards”, its point collection system loyalty program. The program has been specifically initiated for Caltex customers so that they can turn their journey into a rewarding one by simply signing up through our website or the CaltexGO mobile application. Caltex Rewards allows members to earn and redeem points for fuel discounts at participated Caltex fuel service stations through the CaltexGO App and enjoy additional member benefits which include redeeming exclusive vouchers via the Caltex Rewards catalogue. The Caltex Rewards program continues to collaborate with product and service partners to come up with attractive co-promotion campaigns to ensure members experience their joyful journeys in a whole new style. At present, there are over 200,000 Caltex Rewards members. The company plans to expand its membership network to reach 1 million members in the future, offering our loyal customers the rewards and experiences catering to all lifestyles. Most recently, the company has launched a special promotion “Caltex Rewards Raffle” campaign for Caltex Rewards members. The campaign offers eligible participating members a chance to win the New BMW X1 18i, iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB and other prizes, totaling 241 prizes, worth almost 5 million Baht in total throughout the campaign period. Persons interested in the campaign can study the campaign terms and conditions atลุ้นรับรถBMWx1

“Currently, the transfer of our fuels business and other businesses relating to the fuel business operation to Star Petroleum Refining Public Company Limited (SPRC) is taking place which is considered a critical step forward in line with our long-term strategic plan to increase business operation flexibility and to allow Chevron, through SPRC, to strengthen its competitive position in Thailand. In the meantime, we will continue to operate the business safely and reliably as usual. We are committed to developing and offering excellent products and services in parallel with sustainably driving the growth of our organization, society, and the environment. This commitment reinforces Caltex’s position as one of the world's leading fuel service station brands, strengthening the trust and confidence among our customers, retailers and partners”, concluded Shashank

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