Central Vietnam earns recognition

Central Vietnam earns recognition

The executives of Central Retail Vietnam celebrate winning Reputable Retailer of the Year.
The executives of Central Retail Vietnam celebrate winning Reputable Retailer of the Year.

Central Retail Vietnam has secured a leading spot among the top 10 reputable companies in the food, beverage, retail and packaging industries in Vietnam for a third consecutive year in 2023.

The ranking is conducted by Vietnam Report, a company specialising in reporting, evaluating and ranking businesses, products and services in Vietnam.

The recognition as the best retail company this year is attributed to the company's robust financial standing and its enduring reputation among the media and the Vietnamese people.

This underscores its position as the largest international retailer in Vietnam, operating with a mission to enhance the quality of life for local communities, said Olivier Langlet, group chief executive of Central Retail Vietnam.

"The Vietnamese economy, like the rest of the world, faced its share of difficulties this year," he said.

"However, Central Retail remains committed to expanding its investment portfolio, fuelling growth across the food, non-food and property categories."

Central Retail's business operates 340 retail stores across 40 of the 63 provinces in Vietnam. These include 77 food retail stores, comprising 38 GO! hypermarkets and 39 supermarkets.

The company has more than 200 non-food retail stores and 39 GO! malls.

"Our aim is to establish the GO! brand as top-of-mind among the Vietnamese, earning the trust of consumers and business partners alike through product and service quality. Furthermore, we are prepared to expand our investments in Vietnam to capitalise on the country's economic growth and consumer buying power," said Mr Langlet.

"The goal is to expand to 600 stores across 57 provinces and become Vietnam's No.1 omni-channel food retailer and No.2 in the property business by 2027."

He said Central Retail's commitment goes beyond business expansion.

"We are dedicated to strengthening the community and enhancing the quality of life of Vietnamese through various social activities covering education, society and the environment," said Mr Langlet.

"Earning the prestigious Reputable Retailer of the Year award in Vietnam for three consecutive years serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainable business operations and reflects our strong dedication to contributing to Vietnam's prosperity."

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