Bang Kapi's Lifestore unveiled

Bang Kapi's Lifestore unveiled

The Mall Lifestore Bangkapi officially opens today.
The Mall Lifestore Bangkapi officially opens today.

The Mall Group proudly unveils The Mall Lifestore Bangkapi, marking a significant transformation from The Mall to The Mall Lifestore that promises an unmatched shopping, dining and entertainment experience.

Set to make history, The Mall Lifestore Bangkapi becomes the "Capital of Life Wonders," a landmark on the east side of Bangkok that redefines happiness and diverse shopping experiences under the concept 'A Happy Place to Live Life.'

The grand opening celebration, which gets underway today, symbolises the evolution of the venue into a beacon in the form of a 'Festival of Events' and happenings for people living in the east of Bangkok.

Voralak Tulaphorn, chief marketing officer, said the celebration aims to bring joy to customers of all generations and lifestyles, featuring entertainment from over 100 leading actors, celebrities, and artists throughout this month.

Highlighting the reasons to choose The Mall Lifestore Bangkapi, Ms Voralak emphasised its elevation to a Japanese hub, featuring an array of Japanese fashion brands, and food options, including Uniqlo, a large-sized Muji with a café, Donki Mall, and Japanese sushi restaurants such as Sushiro and Ippudo Ramen. A Nitori furniture store is set to open in January on the second floor.

Ms Voralak stressed that the mall caters to all kinds of customers.

Ms Voralak said the mall would host various Japanese-themed events throughout the year, responding to customer feedback expressing a fondness for Japanese culture.

With improved transport infrastructure, including three future electric train lines and convenient boat and skywalk access, The Mall Lifestore Bangkapi has become easily accessible. The mall is strategically located near the airport link while it connects to Bangkapi Market and the National Institute of Development Administration (Nida) via a skywalk.

The Mall Group ensures a seamless shopping experience by collaborating with international startups to develop "AR Indoor Navigation," which guides customers digitally to specific shops or services through a digital guide map.

Featuring over 100 restaurants, the first, soon-to-open "Tao Bin Café" pop-up, and a 20% increase in sports fashion products, The Mall Lifestore Bangkapi provides diverse offerings, including products related to Muay Thai, basketball, football, and beauty and fashion items from 2,000 brands. The entertainment includes a 16-screen Major Cineplex, a separate cinema for children, and a Mega HarborLand with the first ever indoor and outdoor Sky Water Park playground, replacing the previous water park.

Mega HarborLand covers over 12,000 square metres, offering "The Family Happy Moments" with a wide range of themed play areas such as "Aqua World," designed for safety and manufactured by leading European producers. The play zones cater to different age groups, ranging from 5 months to 15 years old, including Little Ville, Toys Room, Kids Island, and Junior Jungle.

Additionally, the "Outdoor Playground" features open-air play areas with safe, imported equipment. Divided into zones such as Play Island with Sky Rider, ART Island for arts and crafts, and Toys Island for developmental toys, it promotes learning and adventure for children.

"Harbor Island," a large outdoor water park, ensures safety with features made by leading European manufacturers. Kids can enjoy various water attractions, including the impressive "Super Island," with the country's largest floating sky slide, over 18 giant slides, and "Little Island," which was designed for younger children. "Lazy Island" adds an adventurous touch with water effects. Mega HarborLand at The Mall Lifestore Bangkapi, will open in January 2024, while the one at The Mall Lifestore Bangkae, will open in March 2024.

Ms Voralak stressed that The Mall Lifestore Bangkapi caters to all kinds of customers, ranging from those seeking relaxation to those with a shopping agenda, socialisers, and the followers of trends. Emphasising a commitment to the Festival of Events concept for all generations, The Mall Group stands as a beacon of celebration and joy.

Looking ahead, The Mall Lifestore Bangkae is expected to open in the first quarter of the next year, continuing the concept of "A Happy Place to Live Life."

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