CMG wins 5th straight employer award

CMG wins 5th straight employer award

Mr Hawson, right, and Tanayos Khrutrabiab, Central Marketing Group’s head of human resources and general affairs, were the representatives who received the award.
Mr Hawson, right, and Tanayos Khrutrabiab, Central Marketing Group’s head of human resources and general affairs, were the representatives who received the award.

Central Marketing Group (CMG), a subsidiary of Central Retail Corporation, the country's biggest retailer, was honoured for the fifth consecutive year with the prestigious "Kincentric Best Employer Thailand Award" at a recent ceremony and learning conference.

This recognition underscores CMG's unwavering dedication to fostering employee engagement and development, centred around its "Drive the Change" theme for 2023. The company firmly believes that every employee can create positive changes within the organisation, and teamwork is crucial in fostering sustainable growth for the organisation.

"Courage is essential for us to embrace the imperative of 'Driving the Change' and consistently staying ahead in the evolving landscape of our retail industry. This proactive approach not only fosters robust employee engagement but also cultivates a sense of pride within our company. Our success is firmly anchored in the commitment to having engaged and fulfilled employees as the cornerstone of our achievements," said Edwin Yap Hawson, president of CMG, who said the firm's core beliefs contributed to this success.

According to Mr Hawson, being courageous in the pursuit of driving change and being the leader in retail services is fundamental to sustaining the company's success. This commitment serves as the cornerstone for achieving robust business outcomes and fostering widespread employee engagement and pride throughout the company.

"Winning the Kincentric Best Employer Thailand Award for the fifth consecutive year is a gratifying honour. This award reflects our firm belief that our employees are our most valuable resource, as well as our unwavering commitment to ensuring their continuing development," Mr Hawson said.

"We remain steadfast in providing outstanding employee experiences and establishing a foundation for sustainable growth. Amid dynamic changes in the business environment, CMG is resolute in nurturing its employees, preparing them for the unknown challenges in the future while strengthening the company's current business operations."

Winning the Kincentric Best Employer Thailand Award for five consecutive years attests to CMG's commitment to effective people management strategies, active support for employee development, and fostering career growth within the company. The award also signifies CMG's success in creating a healthy work environment that embraces business change and champions diverse working styles, he said.

According to Mr Hawson, the "Drive the Change" theme centres around five key areas to enhance the company's team's adaptability to the ever-evolving retail landscape.

Store Operational Excellence: CMG prioritises continuous training for all store staff to instil a customer-centric mindset and deliver outstanding, memorable customer experiences.

Leveraging innovative technology to enhance retail services, the company has partnered with Palexy to integrate store-focused artificial intelligence (AI) analytics. This enables a comprehensive assessment of the customer journey throughout their store visit, identifying areas for improvement and elevating overall customer satisfaction.

Seamless OmniChannel Integration: To provide products and services anywhere, at any time, CMG has strengthened its e-commerce channels, be it on its sites, 3P platforms, and platforms like Facebook, Line Chat&Shop, and TikTok. This ensures CMG's brand-loyal customers can shop online or in-store at their convenience and based on their preferences. This strategy empowers the company's employees with the skills needed to stay ahead in the industry.

New User Recruitment: CMG aggressively leverages customer relationship management data analytics (via Central Group's The1 member loyalty database) to improve marketing communication of new products, promotions, and stores, to reach new customers and build loyalty. This unique competitive advantage provides the company's employees with valuable insights and skills to navigate Big Data opportunities.

New Brands: CMG constantly scouts for new brands in lifestyle areas such as fashion, beauty, and technology.

Hunting down, acquiring, and fostering new brands not only equips the company's employees with fresh insights and perspectives but also opens doors to significant growth opportunities.

Future-Ready Organisation: Committed to staying relevant among the younger generation, CMG invests in employee training to keep them abreast of market developments. To enhance employees' capabilities in the digital age, the company offers consistent courses to refresh knowledge in various fields. In 2023, the company successfully realised a remarkable 30% increase in training man-hours provided to its employees. Beyond the company's comprehensive learning and development initiatives, CMG persistently fosters a positive work environment, placing a strong emphasis on the intrinsic value of collaborative teamwork.

"Those five factors represent vital elements crucial for shaping our brighter future. Our goal is to uphold our standing as a leader in international brand retailing, recognising that our people play a pivotal role in our success," said Mr Hawson. "In steering the transformative journey encapsulated by 'Drive the Change' within our business strategies, aimed at ensuring long-term success in the market, we concurrently extend this transformative ethos to our team. This involves providing them with unparalleled training, fostering top-tier skills, and offering optimal opportunities to enhance their engagement and instil a sense of pride in their association with CMG."

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