Sticking to Roots and Aiming for the Skies

Sticking to Roots and Aiming for the Skies

Ashish Vijay, Founder and Chairman of AV Globale, has built his legacy on integrity, innovations, ethics, and a commitment to future generations.

Ashish Vijay, the entrepreneurial force behind AV Globale, stands as a beacon in the global business landscape. His roles as a mentor, head of an auction house, philanthropist, and advocate for children's welfare underscore his multifaceted persona. At the heart of his success is a profound commitment to societal betterment.

By anchoring himself to foundational values while reaching for transformative goals, Ashish has woven a legacy defined by integrity, innovation, ethics, and community enrichment. He attributes this ethos to his family's legacy, which commenced in New Delhi, built on pillars of "empathy, accountability, and quality." Ashish emphasises, "We're not just a business; we're a family that upholds the values and ethics instilled by my grandfather."

The remarkable trajectory of AV Globale under Ashish's stewardship showcases a people-first philosophy. This approach fosters trust, nurtures craftsmanship, and encourages excellence. "Progress without ethics is hollow," asserts Ashish. Amidst technological advancements and market growth, he maintains that core values such as transparency, trust, and a balance between tradition and innovation should remain inviolable.

Under Ashish's guidance, AV Globale has evolved into a multi-generational empire committed to responsible practices. This includes ensuring ethical mining and sustainable operations from all suppliers. The conglomerate's exquisite jewellery, luxury timepieces, and prestigious art collection symbolise the fusion of heritage craftsmanship with modern technology, emphasising the value of transparency and quality at every step.

Central to Ashish's philosophy is the unyielding focus on client relationships. "Our clients are part of our family, with bonds extending beyond transactions to generational ties," he explains. This ethos has propelled AV Globale into diversifying across real estate, arts, and luxury sectors, with a keen eye on assets like rare diamonds that offer stability even in volatile markets.

Dedication to Children's Welfare

Beyond business acumen, Ashish's dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of children stands out. Through the Bliss Foundation, he has launched initiatives aimed at ensuring that children worldwide have access to education, health, and safety. These efforts reflect a deep-seated belief in creating a brighter future for the next generation, underscoring the importance of nurturing hope and opportunity for children everywhere.

Ashish's vision extends to transforming the A.V. Group into a platform that not only influences global business, politics, and philanthropy but also champions the cause of children's welfare. He insists that true progress is measured not by profits or prestige but by the positive change enacted in people's lives, especially the youngest among us.

Under Ashish Vijay's leadership, AV Globale not only ascends to new heights in the luxury industry but also lights the way for future generations to follow. His life's work exemplifies that with passion, vision, and a commitment to ethical principles, no peak is too high to conquer—especially when the journey uplifts others along the way.

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