May Bangkok summit to discuss key challenges
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May Bangkok summit to discuss key challenges

Energy policymakers are expected to gather for a forum in Bangkok in May to discuss challenges in energy development, especially the transition from fossil fuel-based power generation to renewable-derived electricity, according to the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC).

This panel is crucial given the global push to deal with climate change, caused by global warming, said Sudharma Yoonaidharma, a member of the ERC board.

He said one interesting challenge is how people will be supported by the government to generate electricity of their own through, for example, rooftop solar panels.

More than 600 policymakers, industry leaders and academics are expected to speak at the 2024 Future Energy Asia Exhibition and Summit, to be held May 15-17, to share insights on various energy issues.

The event is held annually by the Energy Regulators Regional Association, of which the ERC is a member, and is taking place in Asia for the first time.

The conference will focus on key themes including the strategic role of natural gas and liquified national gas as transition fuels, supported by carbon capture and methane reduction efforts and the push towards alternative fuels like hydrogen.

Thailand is committed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions. In 2021, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha vowed at the 26th UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow that Thailand would be more aggressive in addressing climate change, striving to reach carbon neutrality, a balance between carbon dioxide emissions and absorption, by 2050.

The ERC already launched the 5.2-gigawatt renewable scheme to encourage power companies to adopt clean energy.

Mr Sudharma said the talks will be organised alongside the Energy Regulators Forum, which will be joined by the world's leading energy authorities who will discuss the complexities of the trilemma of security, affordability and sustainability in the energy sector, and the urgent need for effective and adaptable regulatory policies.

The 2024 Future Energy Asia Exhibition and Summit will support efforts to promote sustainable energy transformation in Asia amid rapid industrialisation and urbanisation, said Marcus Magee, DMG Events' vice-president for Asia.

His London-based company is an organiser of face-to-face events.

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