Frasers Property Thailand Excels in Social Impact Investment
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Frasers Property Thailand Excels in Social Impact Investment

Achieving high SROI, Frasers Property Thailand sets new standards in CSR and sustainable development goals.

The global warming crisis has imposed significant burdens on the budget planning of large organisations, compelling them to invest in product and service development and launch green social contribution campaigns. These efforts aim to meet global standards in addition to their usual social responsibility programs, which are often perceived as merely symbolic gestures to the public.

In the face of an uncertain economic outlook, restrained consumer spending, and emerging social unrest, Frasers Property (Thailand) Public Company Limited stands out as a leader in Thailand. The company continues to champion noble causes, addressing pressing national issues while seeking opportunities in humanitarian-related programs. This strategy enhances efficiency in various areas, including strategic budget planning, human resource management, expected outcomes, and, most importantly, societal impact.

Mr. Sarit Triroj, Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications and Branding, Frasers Property (Thailand) Public Company Limited.

"To uphold our company values and demonstrate commitment to community engagement, we've adopted the Social Return on Investment (SROI) as a tool to assess the effectiveness of our CSR campaigns," said Sarit Triroj, Executive Vice President of Corporate Communications and Branding at Frasers Property Thailand. "The SROI performance serves as a key performance indicator, attracting potential investors to support campaigns that not only yield returns on their investment but also generate positive impacts for those in need."

Launched in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Blood Drive Campaign is one of the company's CSR initiatives that has achieved the highest SROI, with a ratio of 4.5. Originally designed to support the Thai Red Cross by recruiting blood donors during a critical shortage, the campaign utilised space in front of Samyan Mitrtown to facilitate donor registration and ensure safety measures were in place.

Following its success, the campaign was rebranded and expanded, involving group CEOs, trade partners, celebrities, and volunteers to promote blood donation more widely. Since the easing of lockdown restrictions, the campaign has been held quarterly, raising over 5.5 million cc of blood for the Thai Red Cross.

Ms. Sakulthip Keeratiphantawong, Secretary General at Social Value Thailand Association , added, "The SROI value is determined by the 'Effectiveness' and 'Efficiency' of an activity. While effectiveness refers to achieving expected goals, efficiency goes beyond, creating greater impacts than anticipated. This efficiency is crucial for attracting investor contributions."

The blood donation campaign has demonstrated that for every 1 baht invested, 4.5 baht is returned in social value, benefiting donors, volunteers, communities, the Thai Red Cross, and Frasers Property Thailand itself. The campaign supports the organisation's efforts to achieve SDG goals, such as Health and Well-being (SDG3) and Partnerships for the Goals (SDG17).

Another notable campaign, "C asean Samyan CO-OP," offers free space for self-study, achieving an SROI of 3.5 baht per 1 baht investment. This initiative helps students save on expenses, while also benefiting business partners, communities, content providers, and the C asean Samyan CO-OP by increasing brand awareness and understanding consumer needs.

"SROI performance guides our investment decisions in new CSR campaigns, which are based on tangible and intangible benefits to stakeholders and participants. Successful SROI results stem from collaboration with trade partners, leveraging their resources, knowledge, and experiences to extend our impact," concluded Sarit Triroj.

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