Plus Property sets ambitious 2024 revenue goal
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Plus Property sets ambitious 2024 revenue goal

As it sets a 2024 income target of 1.8 billion baht, Plus Property outlines three strategies with emphasis on Brand Quality, New Business Ventures, and Technological Development

Mr Anukul Ratpitaksanti stated that for 2024, the company is focusing on strategies aimed at enhancing brand quality, expanding new business ventures, and advancing technological developments.
Mr Anukul Ratpitaksanti stated that for 2024, the company is focusing on strategies aimed at enhancing brand quality, expanding new business ventures, and advancing technological developments.

Plus Property Co Ltd (PLUS) is reinforcing its leadership in comprehensive professional property and facility management, aiming to expand its business while maintaining its top position in quality. Over the past year, PLUS successfully managed approximately 400 real estate projects nationwide, covering more than 20 million square metres of area under management.

PLUS is focused on diversifying its client base and accepting management contracts for property projects in categories where it has competitive strength and potential for sustainable growth.

Mr Anukul Ratpitaksanti, Managing Director of Plus Property Company Limited, mentioned, "In 2023, the company achieved operating results that were in line with the established targets, with total sales of 1.7 billion baht. In 2024, the Thai property market is expected to remain stable, continuing from 2023.

Existing expertise is being merged with technology and market insights to expand PLUS’s business and provide services that meet client demands, thereby gaining a competitive edge.

This year, the projected revenue exceeds 1.8 billion baht. PLUS expects robust growth, driven by its four main businesses:

For 2024, PLUS’s strategy and work plans are set for a year of growth. Three tactics have been established to drive business and deliver quality services that meet all aspects of client requirements.

The quality of service has been enhanced, with specialists in Design Service & Experience catering to clients’ demands for specialised services.

1. Quality brand

This is particularly relevant for luxury clients, where a deep understanding of the "Customer Journey" has been developed, enhancing the capability to deliver services at every touchpoint and thereby creating premium experiences throughout.

PLUS recognises that at the core of the service industry is the effort to maintain service standards that align with global levels.

LIV-24 smart security technology has shown significant potential over the past year, achieving an impressive income growth of 118%.

2. Business opportunities

This approach allows PLUS to extend its juristic person management business into new ventures, aiming for sustainability. Employing a customer-centric approach, a new business lineup will cater to comprehensive, 360-degree demands.

This is prompting PLUS to continue to expand its LIV-24 portfolio from residential projects toward commercial developments as well as penetrate other businesses, all the while developing the appropriate technologies that would fill the gaps that exist in the market for comprehensive security solutions. 

The Home application acts as the hub for communication and information exchanges between residents and the juristic person. The app receives feature updates that adapt to changes in resident behaviour, such as in-app registrations for pets and parcel management.

3. PLUS technology

PLUS prioritises the requirements of client residents, continuously investing in developing technologies that enhance the customer experience. This year, technologies have been developed to manage a wider range of systems.

The PLUS Concierge Service offers a selection of essential services tailored to the real needs of residents, such as cleaning services, air-conditioner maintenance, and in-property repair work. Service providers are chosen with careful consideration of quality and price.

"Today, PLUS clearly declares itself as the top choice in the minds of clients. Committed to delivering the highest quality of life possible, we strive for excellence in creating and raising our service standards to align with global practices.

With expertise in all areas, PLUS is prepared to expand its business and grow in line with market demands. Investments in technological systems have been made to enhance work efficiency.

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