AIS joins up with government to tackle ageing society issues
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AIS joins up with government to tackle ageing society issues

The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security is collaborating with AIS Academy to continue the "Think-in-advance Mission" initiative, enhancing the capabilities of personnel and digital technology amid Thailand's demographic crisis.

The latest move is to elevate the quality of life, address population crises, and sustainably reduce inequality by reinforcing the Think-in-advance Mission initiative that was launched in 2021. There are currently 748,482 people engaged in the initiative.

According to Anukul Peedkaew, permanent secretary of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, Thai society is currently experiencing a declining birth rate, a decreasing working-age population, and an increasing number of elderly people.

It is projected that by 2036, Thailand will become a "super-aged" society, with over 30% of its population defined as elderly. This poses a significant challenge for the ministry.

As a result, the ministry is prioritising and expediting various measures, covering the development of quality children and youth, enhancing the potential of the elderly and people with disabilities to serve as the country's workforce, and empowering the working-age population to establish themselves so they can build families and take care of their family members.

"The latest continuation of the partnership is acting as a spark to ignite ideas and collaborative efforts from all sectors to innovate, acquire knowledge and skills, and create new opportunities that lead to sustainable improvements in the quality of life and social issues," the ministry said.

Mr Anukul said the ministry and AIS first joined hands in this partnership in 2021, and the initiative has generated projects such as the AIS Academy for Thais, Aunjai Volunteers for Livelihood Development, and the Digital Library. The ministry has been working with various network partners from all sectors to ensure people can access public services and government welfare fairly and comprehensively.

He added that the ministry emphasised the application of new technologies and innovations as tools to facilitate public service, develop tools to help manage the organisation, and improve the efficiency of caring for people of all ages.

Kantima Lerlertyuttitham, chief human resources officer at AIS and the InTouch Group, said AIS has emphasised driving the growth of the economy, society, and the environment together, particularly by creating digital access for all groups of Thai people through the potential of digital tech and innovation as a tool to increase opportunities and decrease inequality in terms of access to various opportunities.

The initiative promotes social inclusion by empowering AIS employees to help bridge gaps between different groups, addressing economic and political disparities, and enabling everyone to participate in society equally and fairly, she added.

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