Retailers promote AI-enabled PCs in the second half
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Retailers promote AI-enabled PCs in the second half

A display of notebooks and PCs on sale at a recent edition of the Commart fair.
A display of notebooks and PCs on sale at a recent edition of the Commart fair.

Leading IT retail chains are capitalising on artificial intelligence (AI)-embedded PCs to increase sales growth in the second half of 2024.

JIB Computer Group has joined with local startup ThaiGPT Co to provide AI features in JIB-built PCs aimed at premium users, eager to tap the enterprise market.

Meanwhile, Advice IT Infinite Plc is demonstrating to consumers how AI PCs differ from conventional units.

Somyot Chaowalit, chief executive of JIB, said the company will launch JIB AI PCs that were jointly developed with AI development firm ThaiGPT, providing buyers with their own AI personal assistant.

ThaiGPT founder Panutat Tejasen told the Bangkok Post the company embraced Meta Llama 3, a next-generation open source large language model, to customise the AI features and include them in JIB-built PCs.

"We bring AI capabilities to PCs to provide users with an assistant, particularly to summarise lengthy documents. This feature works well in high-end computers, such as gaming computers," he said.

JIB's high-end gaming PCs are popular with consumers, said Mr Somyot.

Dome Charoenyos, managing director of ThaiGPT, said JIB is expected to launch JIB-built PCs in the consumer market by the end of next month.

The company will provide a "VIP" service to train customers to use AI PCs to optimise their AI capabilities, said Mr Dome.

By the fourth quarter, JIB plans to tap the corporate sector, targeting AI PCs for use in customer service, said Mr Somyot.

The PCs can provide customers with swift and efficient responses to their queries, said Mr Dome.

He said these PCs would enable corporations to have a fixed cost when using AI for customer responses, based on internal network resources.

Nath Natnithikarat, chief executive of Advice, said in the second half of the year, IT retailers expect sales to grow based on launches of AI PCs with a variety of brands and price points.

"AI PCs are not for everyone, but we can demonstrate how AI-based PCs and regular PCs differ," said Mr Nath.

The company is demonstrating how AI-based PCs can outperform regular PCs at booths and IT retail outlets, he said.

"By using AI tools, such as to read lengthy documents and summarise content, AI-based PCs will generate outstanding results more quickly than regular PCs," said Mr Nath.

In addition to AI, he said another factor to stimulate PC demand is users need to upgrade to Windows 11 as support for Windows 10 expires in October 2025.

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