SC Asset Launches Morning Coin Utility Token
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SC Asset Launches Morning Coin Utility Token

SC Asset introduces Morning Coin, providing residents exclusive benefits and privileges, enhancing quality of life through innovative residential solutions.

SC Asset Corporation, the leading developer of high-quality real estate with innovation, has introduced the Morning Coin (MNC) utility token to connect SC residents with an array of exclusive benefits and privileges.

Nuttaphong Kunakornwong, CEO, said SC is determined to create good value and quality of life for its residents through innovative residential solutions, as part of the company’s overarching concept, #MillionValuesUnderOneRoof.

“We believe that purchasing a home should not simply be the acquisition of physical assets; it should also provide access to a superior quality of life through various privileges,” he said. 

“Hence, we are proud to introduce Morning Coin, a revolutionary blockchain technology aimed at connecting all SC residents with special benefits under the SC Asset Reward Program, ‘The S.U.N.’”

The acronym S.U.N. stands for Special, Unique and Network. Through Morning Coin, residents are entitled to special discounts and privileges when purchasing SC Asset properties, as well as accessing products and services through the RueJai Store.

RueJai is a platform launched in 2018 as a post-sales service for SC residents. It integrates various technologies and solutions from partners and SC’s own development, offering a range of solutions to support home maintenance and address various after-sales needs.

Special benefits under the SC Asset Reward Program also extend to SC's esteemed network of partners, including YANH Ratchawat Hotel, Thames Valley Khao Yai Hotel and Rama 9 Hospital.

Under the 'Unique' component, SC curates distinctive activities such as private shopping experiences, exclusive concerts, appointments with renowned hair stylists, secret Kyoto trip with curated experiences and access to hard-to-book restaurants and hotels, offering residents unparalleled experiences not available elsewhere. 

Meanwhile, the 'Network' aspect focuses on fostering stronger connections within quality residential communities, potentially opening doors to future opportunities. 

Activities like flea markets and the Orange Pages directory, which showcases businesses and services offered by residents, aim to facilitate greater community engagement.

“We are thrilled to organise the Sunshine Market, a groundbreaking event where SC residents with their own businesses can showcase their offerings,” he said. “Residents can utilise their Morning Coin to unlock special discounts and privileges at the event.”

The Sunshine Market is scheduled to take place from May 17 to 19, 2024, at The EmQuartier. Designed to cater to the diverse needs of customers across all segments, this event promises an array of activities tailored to meet every requirement, making it a must-attend occasion for both SC residents and general customers alike.

“This year marks the beginning of our third decade, The Evolution, spanning from 2024 to 2033. This follows the initial 10 years of The Activation, from 2004 to 2013, and The Re-invention, from 2014 to 2023, characterised by significant changes within the company,” he said. 

“Throughout these periods, we have remained steadfast in our focus on innovation and technology to meet the evolving demands of our customers."

He explained that The Evolution represents a transformative phase aimed at creating value, acknowledging the interconnectedness of individuals and the environment in today's dynamic global landscape. Within this framework, sustainable growth necessitates a commitment to delivering value across People, Planet, and Profit dimensions.

"Our approach is centred on prioritising the creation and delivery of value. This value serves as the foundation of customer confidence, driving profitability that, in turn, fuels ongoing innovation and ensures the continuous delivery of value.

We contribute value to customers in two key areas. Firstly, our unwavering commitment to quality remains steadfast. Despite any changes in today’s world, consumers consistently seek high-quality products.”

SC fosters a culture centred on customer-centricity. Through regular Voice of Customer (VOC) meetings  involving 30-40 executives, SC maintains close proximity to customers' needs. These monthly sessions, actively participated in by Mr Nuttaphong, provide valuable insights, enabling prioritisation of quality improvements.

The second is that SC integrates innovation into its business processes, products and services to better understand and meet customer requirements. Throughout its second decade, the company spearheaded numerous innovations—from smart home solutions to active air quality systems that can prevent air pollution from PM2.5 particles.

“We are an organisation that never rests, constantly devising new innovations to enhance our customers’ lives. This commitment reaffirms our position as a leading real estate brand with unparalleled after-sales services,” Mr Nutthaphong concluded.

SC residents who register and activate MNC Wallet in the RueJai App within June 30th, 2024 shall receive 5,000 MNC for superior living experience. For more details, call 1749 or visit and

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