Unlocking the power of talent identification
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Unlocking the power of talent identification

A key to Thailand’s future lies in finding and empowering our brightest lights

Imagine Thailand’s future — a dynamic centre of innovation and progress. The key to this vision? It’s all about finding the right talent, the kind that brings ideas to life and leads transformative change.

Having seen many such talents throughout my career, I can tell you that true talents don’t just meet expectations — they redefine them.

Think about it like this: While good performers play their roles well, exceptional talent changes the game. They’re the ones questioning the status quo, embracing new concepts  and leading the charge on exciting projects. They’re building the Thailand of tomorrow.

What makes a true innovator? How do we spot these valuable assets in our teams? From my experience, standout talents often share these traits:

Boundless curiosity: Always eager to learn, these individuals constantly question, explore and seek to understand more about everything around them. Their curiosity doesn’t just fill a knowledge gap — it sparks innovative ideas.

Resilience in the face of change: Great talents don’t just handle challenges; they welcome them. They’re always learning and adapting, keeping themselves at the cutting edge and pushing our country forward.

Persistence through difficulties: The journey to innovation isn’t smooth, but our best talents know that. They have the grit to overcome obstacles and use them as steps to greater achievements.

Mastering adaptability: In a world that never stands still, the best talents thrive on change. They adjust and pivot as needed, ensuring they always stay relevant and impactful.

Creating a Hub of Talent: It Takes a Village

Finding these talents is not a solo mission. It takes a concerted effort from everyone in an organisation. Leaders, in particular, need to foster an environment that supports open dialogue, honest feedback and strong mentorship. This is how we create a space where potential stars can truly shine.

As someone deeply committed to enhancing skills in Thailand, I advocate for robust talent identification programmes that include behavioural assessments, leadership potential evaluations and comprehensive feedback mechanisms. These tools help us discover and polish the hidden gems among us.

Investing in Talent: Fuelling Our Future

Once we identify these talents, nurturing them is crucial. Opportunities for growth, mentorship and challenging projects empower them to expand their skills and realise their full potential. Our investment in their growth not only transforms them — it propels our entire nation towards a more prosperous future.

In summary, talent management is about more than spotting top performers. It’s about finding those unique individuals who have the drive, adaptability and spirit needed to effect real change.

By nurturing a culture of continuous learning and support, we can unlock the full potential of Thailand and establish ourselves as a beacon of innovation on the global stage.

Arinya Talerngsri is Chief Capability Officer, Managing Director and Founder at SEAC — Southeast Asia’s Lifelong Learning Centre. She is fascinated by the challenge of transforming education for all to create better prospects for Thais and people everywhere. Reach her email at arinya_t@seasiacenter.com or https://www.linkedin.com/in/arinya-talerngsri-53b81aa  

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