Tourism revival spurs aviation tech
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Tourism revival spurs aviation tech

An influx of tourist arrivals and their use of airport tech applications has benefited aviation technology and airport services projects.

SET-listed Sky ICT, an aviation tech company, reported first-quarter revenue of 1.4 billion baht, up 68% year-on-year, with 117 million baht in profit, a gain of 40%, driven by the robust tourism sector.

According to Sithidej Mayalarp, chief executive of Sky ICT, the growing tourism sector led to a 22.8% increase in passenger numbers year-on-year.

He said this surge has helped the company's aviation-related projects, such as the Common Use Passenger Processing System and the Advanced Passenger Processing System, driving consistent revenue growth.

The company's strong performance reflects a solid backlog of 22 billion baht, expected to generate revenue over the next 6-7 years, with plans to expand and streamline operations to ensure future growth and stability, said Mr Sithidej.

Sky Group will continue its focus on developing and innovating aviation technology projects, as well as expanding its business structure to support the growth of each segment, he said.

"Sky Group is continuously seeking new investment opportunities in high-potential businesses, enhancing our technology and workforce to meet new challenges and opportunities," said Mr Sithidej.

In a related matter, Sky ICT subsidiary Metthier, a smart facility service provider, plans to focus on facility management for medium to large-scale projects, enhancing efficiency in security and cleaning management.

Recently, Metthier adjusted its total revenue target this year to 1.8 billion baht or upwards by 30% from its original goal of 15% as the facility management service business in Thailand, worth billions of baht, continues to grow steadily and is expected to expand up to 10% this year.

Another Sky ICT subsidiary, Pro Inside, an intelligence system integration service provider, expects to focus on handling government IT solution projects, preparing for an initial public offering of 140 million shares, aiming to raise funds by the end of the year.

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