CP Foods rolls out culinary innovations
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CP Foods rolls out culinary innovations

Firm's product bags innovation award

The 'Kitchen of the World with Sustainovation' concept reinforces CP Foods' commitment to creating sustainable food solutions, says Mr Ekpiya, second from right.
The 'Kitchen of the World with Sustainovation' concept reinforces CP Foods' commitment to creating sustainable food solutions, says Mr Ekpiya, second from right.

Charoen Pokphand Foods Plc (CP Foods) is set to showcase its latest food innovations at THAIFEX-ANUGA Asia 2024.

Under the theme "Kitchen of the World with Sustainovation", CP Foods is addressing the critical issues of food security and sustainable consumption.

The "CP Chicken Pocket Sausage and Cheese" won the innovation award at the event.

Designed for health-conscious consumers, this low-carb, high-protein product uses chicken breast instead of bread, combined with cheese and sausage. The chicken is raised with innovative probiotics to strengthen the immune system without the use of antibiotics, meeting the highest safety standards, including Nasa's food safety guidelines, and is halal-certified.

Among the showcased products, the "COOKING HELPER" series by CP Foods includes five seasoning sauces that have earned the Thai SELECT award, guaranteeing authentic Thai flavours made with over 80% locally sourced ingredients and adhering to international standards.

Highlighting CP Foods' sustainability efforts, the "cage-free eggs" from the U FARM brand are produced by hens raised in advanced animal welfare conditions. These eggs have been labelled as a "carbon-neutral product" by the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO), the first such product in Asia, according to CP Foods.

The packaging is made from 100% recycled materials, further reducing environmental impact.

Ekpiya Ua-wutthikrerk, president of CPF Food Network Co Ltd, said the company is dedicated to innovation and technology in order to meet consumer needs, focusing on sustainable consumption and nutrition.

Executives promots CP Foods' products at THAIFEX – Anuga Asia 2024.

He highlighted CP Foods' efforts to enhance production efficiency, cleanliness, and safety while adhering to international standards.

CP Foods also prioritises social and environmental responsibility, aiming to reduce resource usage and protect biodiversity to ensure global food security.

The "Kitchen of the World with Sustainovation" concept reinforces CP Foods' commitment to creating sustainable food solutions.

This involves leveraging modern technology and smart agricultural practices to improve food production efficiency, responsibly sourcing raw materials, and increasing the use of renewable energy.

CP Foods' efforts also contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, aligning with global trends emphasising the importance of combating climate change.

CP Foods will also showcase a range of other high-quality and innovative products, including those that have received the Superior Taste Awards 2024, such as Benja Chicken and Cheeva Pork by U FARM, plant-based meat products from the MEAT ZERO brand, and fresh seafood from the CP Uoriki brand.

Mr Ekpiya said that overall the food business is expected to continue doing well this year as the company is dedicated to the development of innovative products that are scientifically proven and is responsive to consumers who are concerned about health and sustainable consumption.

Exports are expected to grow for the remainder of the year due to consumers' higher purchasing power, with the main markets in the US and Europe.

Geopolitical risks and exchange rate fluctuations may pose a risk to exports, but food products are still in high demand as some countries start to stock up to secure adequate food supplies. CP Foods addresses issues regarding nutrition and food security through its production base and investment worldwide.

The company expects to achieve around US$300-400 million in sales at the event.

THAIFEX­-ANUGA Asia 2024 is scheduled to take place from May 28-31, between 10am and 6pm, at Impact Muang Thong Thani in Bangkok.

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