Latest True iService app unveiled
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Latest True iService app unveiled

Billed as one-stop service shop

Mr Nititum says True iService is meant to elevate the customer experience.
Mr Nititum says True iService is meant to elevate the customer experience.

True Corporation has launched a new version of its True iService application powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to unify all of its services in one place, aiming to enhance customers' digital life through the gateway concept.

Nititum Kovitgoolkri, head of the product and services division at True Corp, said the company aims to bolster its service and elevate the customer experience through development of True iService into a comprehensive digital service hub for customers.

The app integrates AI technology to analyse user behaviour and provides precise assistance and service recommendations. The AI is meant to efficiently understand users' behaviours and needs, including bill payments, checking balances and adding internet packages.

Mr Nititum said the app enables customers to access various services easily via several features. The first feature is conducting transactions anytime, anywhere via a smartphone with just a tap.

Users can access more than 50 functions such as top-ups, bill payments, package purchases and usage checks.

The app also offers deals with exclusive in-app offers, special internet and phone packages, lifestyle deals, flash deals and monthly special campaigns, he said.

The app provides thousands of privileges, such as earning True Points from bill payments to redeem exclusive offers from leading brands and participation in daily prize-winning activities.

Through its virtual customer service agent Mari AI, which includes Mari Chat, True offers 24-hour customer support that integrates generative AI and ChatGPT for enhanced learning and customer service.

True's digital channel has more than 12 million users per month, significantly reducing branch and call centre inquiries by more than 80% through the app's comprehensive functions and AI-driven problem analysis, according to the company.

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