New 500-baht banknote launched

New 500-baht banknote launched

The Central Bank has issued a new, modernised 500-baht banknote with new safeguards to make forgery more difficult.

Thong-urai Limpiti, a deputy governor of the Bank of Thailand, said the new banknote will be being circulation next Monday.The old banknote, which has been used over the past 12 years, remains valid.

She said the new banknote is the same size as the old one, at 72 X 156mm, and its overall colour remains  purple. 

The new note contains features that make it easier for blind people to differentiate it from other denominations. 

Ms Thong-urai said the Central Bank expected that the new 500-baht note would replace the old notes within two years.

She said Thailand still had low level of fake banknotes in circulation,  at five to one million, fewer than US dollars and the euro at 40 to one million.

The current 500-baht banknote.

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