Ministry calls for open government data

Ministry calls for open government data

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Ministry will urge the government to add the core right of citizens to freely access government data to the constitution.

The call, in collaboration with the National Reform Council, is aimed at forcing the public sector to improve data sharing where it is in the public interest, a move that would increase transparency.

It would also enable the private sector to use more government data in developing their innovations, applications and services, said Sak Segkhoonthod, director of the Electronic Government Agency, which is under the ICT Ministry.

"We plan to submit the proposal to the National Legislative Assembly within a month," he said.

Mr Sak said open government data is the idea that data should be freely available for everyone to access and use as they wish.

It will also increase efficiency and transparency within government, as well as make data easier to find, analyse and share with other citizens.

"Adding the core right of citizens to freely access government data will not only provide greater access to government data, it will result in a paradigm shift in the way state organisations manage their data," he said.

Currently, state agencies only share their basic data, while valuable information is for sale.

Mr Sak said open government data would be one of 10 services under the government's policy to promote the development of a digital economy.

The others are creating internet-connection sharing centres among state agencies; promoting the use of cloud-based services; increasing IT spending; encouraging the development of mobile applications; the adoption of big data management and analytics; the use of the Internet of Things and location-based technologies; and establishing a mobile payment gateway connected with private sector facilities.

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