Oyika to develop battery-swapping cabinet business
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Oyika to develop battery-swapping cabinet business

Mr Lee stressed the company's commitment to promoting clean energy and sustainability throughout Southeast Asia.
Mr Lee stressed the company's commitment to promoting clean energy and sustainability throughout Southeast Asia.

Oyika, a battery technology solutions provider, has kicked off operations in Thailand with a goal to develop a battery-swapping cabinet business for electric motorcycles.

Originating in Singapore in 2018, Oyika has become a leader across the region in advocating for electric vehicles.

Lionel Lee, chief executive of Oyika (Thailand) Co, said he is committed to promoting clean energy and sustainability across Southeast Asia.

Oyika has already entered the market in Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia, eager to revolutionise the battery swapping and fast-charging technology sectors for electric motorcycles.

The company wants to contribute to the global effort to combat environmental challenges, as outlined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, he said.

At the launch event, three seminars addressed pivotal issues concerning the transition to electric two-wheelers and battery swapping systems.

Notable discussions by executives from prominent manufacturers in the field included insights on the electric motorcycle industry's evolution and the future of battery swapping and direct charging systems.

To support its expansion in Thailand and Southeast Asia, Oyika has forged a strategic partnership with Banpu Next Co, a leading provider of clean energy solutions in the Asia-Pacific region.

This collaboration aims to bolster the production of batteries for the EV market and promote the adoption of clean energy, aligning with sustainability goals and fostering a carbon-free society.

Oyika introduced its swappable and direct fast charging 60v and 72v batteries through its OPUS (Oyika Power Up Station) project.

This initiative, aimed at establishing over 300 battery swapping stations and direct fast charging throughout Thailand, has already commenced with 70 installations in Bangkok and Phuket.

The project's expansion will cater to delivery services and general customers, offering both battery swapping and electric charging systems for maximum convenience.

Oyika's innovative approach extends to its platform as a service concept, presenting consumers with a comprehensive ecosystem for electric motorcycle usage.

The OPUS battery swapping stations, touted as a time-saving alternative, allow users to switch batteries within minutes via a simple smartphone-operated process.

Oyika also offers rental battery swap services (Battery-as-a-Service) and electric charging systems, accommodating electric motorcycles from various brands, including TAILG, OKLA, Yadea and NIU.

In February, Oyika showcased its latest electric motorcycle models at the Electric Vehicle Expo held at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center.

Among the highlights was the MX Plus model, distinguished by its striking design and agile performance, exemplifying Oyika's commitment to redefining the electric motorcycle landscape.

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