The shape of nature
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The shape of nature

The shape of nature
Sita Inyai. photos courtesy of La Lanta Fine Art

In her new solo exhibition, contemporary artist Sita Inyai attempts to understand the age-old question of balance in nature.

The 28-year-old has a talent for creating art with social significance, and her latest collection, "Shape Of Relationship", is no exception. The new exhibition is on display at La Lanta Fine Art gallery from Tuesday until Jan 15.

In "Shape Of Relationship", Sita explores the nature of balance in its rawest forms: the relationships between humans; the relationships between humans and their surroundings; and relationships between humans and animals. All are based on the principle of equilibrium.

The exhibition offers a metaphorical picture of the omnipresent rule of balance in both explicit and ambiguous visual interpretations.

"Shape Of Relationship" consists of 13 two- and three-dimensional pieces. Sita incorporates an impressive variety of techniques into her art: painting, drawing, crocheting, knitting, tying, binding and weaving both metal and silk. This application of mixed materials reflects the physical structure of the human body.

"The challenges I've had in developing my art are ones I've imposed upon myself," she said. "I do not revert to any one particular medium that I am familiar with. Each and every artist has a technique that they are good at, like sculpting or painting. As for myself, I feel most comfortable wire weaving. I find I'm always creating art in this style.

"In this exhibition, though it still involves wire weaving, I pushed myself to work with other media. I've included pen, pencil, ink and watercolours on different substrates [canvas, paper and fabric]. In my 3D works, I mixed the weaving of metal wire with soft threads. I find enjoyment in mixing media and trying new techniques. Even though the results aren't always perfect, I'm happy that I've experimented with new methods of working that I can develop to create better art in the future."

When asked to describe her art more broadly, she said: "It mostly revolves around the subject of the bodies and anatomies of living creatures. What distinguishes my art is the use of lines. All of it involves the creation and connection of lines -- starting from one point then expanding to create the desired form. The task requires sharp focus and high levels of concentration."

Watercolour ink on canvas. La Lanta Fine Art

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