Artist offers showcase of solitude

Ceramic works by MM Kosum. (Photo courtesy of Offbeat Box)

Offbeat Box is holding "Soft-core", an exhibition that will make viewers feel good and relaxed with the minimal aesthetics rendered by MM Kosum, until Nov 28.

The young female artist with a passion for clay brings her characters into the 3D world, giving us a look at the imaginative state of extreme softness. Featuring a dream-like nature, her ceramic works portray the tropical lifestyle where a little palm tree is a frequently used symbol.

Also abstracted brilliantly are the illusion of naked forms in her work, the liberty of rest and relaxation at the forefront of the dream she has created.

The transient nature of her characters also take viewers into her secluded and peaceful mirages. Inspired by her own loneliness during this social distancing era, each of her character speaks to a solitude we all seem to have experienced and embodied living through.

The series also includes drawings whose blurry technique projects a fantasy that seems familiar and whimsical. She also uses a simple illustrative line in her paintings as a connection to the physical world.

All in all, the exhibition is simply about what the artist sees, feels and dreams of at the moment.

The gallery is on Lat Phrao 21 and opens Wednesday to Sunday from 11am to 6pm.

Visit or call 082-612-0672.

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