US artist combines faces and flowers

Artwork by Lesleigh Goldberg. (Photo courtesy of River City Bangkok)

The beauty of female faces and flowers is married through art during "Portraits Of Poetry", which is running at River City Bangkok's Room 254, Charoen Krung 24, from today to Feb 13.

On showcase is a series of 18 portraits by American artist Lesleigh Goldberg who offers a new way of looking at portraiture. She combined her personal photographs, which were printed on canvas, with scattered paintings of flowers before they were reworked and assembled into collages.

Goldberg is a trained sculptor with a bachelor's and master's degree in fine arts from the University of Pennsylvania, who moved from her hometown of Denver in the US to Paris, then New Delhi and now Bangkok.

She has worked on sculpture and other artwork that draws its strength from her immediate landscape. It is a reflection of a life that transcends boundaries and is at home across the world.

"Through the lens of my camera, I closely observe and absorb life's constant change of course. Several images taken over different spans of time in different worlds find themselves cohabiting the same canvas," said Goldberg, who used the computer to manipulate, morph, juxtapose, contextualise and de-contextualise the meaning of each of her artwork.

For this exhibition, she portrays beauty through art and has chosen to make her photographs three-dimensional by layering and collaging canvas images.

There is no admission fee. Visit or call 02-237-0077/8.