Art's transcendent nature examined at Iconsiam expo

The Last Dance by Pannaphan Yodnamee. (Photos courtesy of Tang Contemporary Art)

A group of 11 local and international young artists are showcasing their works during "Echoes Of Beauty" at Iconluxe on the 1st floor of Iconsiam, Charoen Nakhon Road, until March 27.

Presented by Tang Contemporary Art, the art project brings together a selection of the most prominent artists from Thailand's new art scene, in collaboration with young artists from other countries.

They include Ahmad Shukri Mohamed from Malaysia, Jae Yong-kim from South Korea, and Li Bangyao and Li Erpeng from China. Participating artists from Thailand are Gongkan, Jittagarn Kaewtinkoy, Jintana Piamsiri, Kitti Narod, Panchat and Pannaphan Yodnamee, and Suntur.

Rather than focusing on their diverse origin, the exhibition reveals the similarities in their aesthetics that are typical of this generation.

Their works are reminiscent of joyful days of youth while rendering an energetic approach to life, as well as a powerful yet gentle spirit that the artists express through their beautiful and unique artworks.

Today, art of any origin speaks for itself and also to everyone. This applies to the new generations of Thai contemporary artists as we can finally read the contemporary art scene as a whole, composed of various cultures with equal visibility and opportunities for contamination and dialogue.

This new generation of Thai artists is part of the international scene and the exhibition shows that their art speaks the same language as the art of their peers from other countries.

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Go To The Stake by Li Erpeng.

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