Objects of idolatry on show at River City

Objects of idolatry on show at River City


"The Idols Of Utopia" is a group exhibition that presents idols and the boundless imaginations of four artists, at River City Bangkok's RCB Galleria 3, Charoen Krung 24, until April 24.

The term idol refers to a person or object that has immense power over a large number of people. It could be something we cling to, treasure or completely rely on for our well-being.

But what if an idol is neither a person nor a physical object? What if your idols are animals, unseen belongings, or even your own selves?

This exhibition will take viewers on a journey through surrealistic realms that narrate the stories of different idols including humans, animals and objects presented through art that is full of creativity, vibrant colours, forms and new interpretations by Paddy Thunvong, Jung Narate, Suwit Maprajuab and Tetat.

Paddy presents everyday life in today's actual and virtual worlds from both the positive and negative perspectives in a satirical way, featuring emotional expression, gesture, colour flow and brush movement.

A painting by Jung Narate. (Photo courtesy of River City Bangkok)

Jung blends collage technique in his paintings which are created based on three fundamental principles -- concept, content and techniques. Most of Suwit's artworks are motivated by the impacts humans cause to the environment.

Reputed for his specialisation in neo-surrealism, Tetat is well-known among Thai and international art collectors since he exhibited his work to worldwide audiences at the International Biennial Print and Drawing in Taiwan 15 years ago.

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