Artists take 'Extraordinary' look at history
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Artists take 'Extraordinary' look at history

Artists take 'Extraordinary' look at history
An oil on linen by Thanarit Thipwaree. (Photo courtesy of Number 1 Gallery)

Number 1 Gallery celebrates the grand opening of its new branch at River City Bangkok with the group exhibition, "Extraordinary", which is running until May 8.

It features 18 artworks, most of them paintings, by nine exceptional artists who present different concepts related to history, politics, culture and society, using their own artistic techniques. Their works are unique in one way, yet similar in terms of aesthetics and overall meanings.

Thanarit Thipwaree's paintings are full of historical engraving dating back to the Crusades and World War I; the genocide of World War II; the violence in Nanking, Hiroshima and Nagasaki; the Vietnam War and, recently, the invasion of Ukraine.

Inspired by a Japanese manga about a boy with uncommon mental power, Boonhlue Yangsauy portrays a girl with special abilities, using his endless imagination.

An oil on linen by Boonhlue Yangsauy. jaturong k.

Tewaporn Maikongkeaw reflects how greed and desires of a certain group of people can bring a total loss to other people while Pat Yingcharoen portrays festoons of fruit and flowers, a symbol of plenty, wealth and sanctity of ancient times, in contrast with some historical events.

Thunchanok Plakulsantikorn takes her inspiration from Kahlil Gibran's On Death, a poem about the secrets of death, and reflects her perspective on life, birth, ageing, illness, death, love and sadness in a way that, at the same time, portrays the beauty of life.

Ladakorn Puangbubpha, meanwhile, warms our hearts with her etchings that recount the story of happiness and the world of dreams based on her happy childhood.

Other participating artists are Kittisak Thapkoa, Prawit Lumcharoen and Thinnapat Takuear.


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