Artist explores movement through photographs

Artist explores movement through photographs


Outstanding minimalist photographer Phichai Keawvichit invites art lovers to release their minds and open up to a new definition of movement during "The Memoir Of Movement", which is running at the Photographers' Gallery 2, 2nd floor of River City Bangkok on Charoen Krung 24, until Aug 5.

A photo by Phichai Keawvichit. (Photo: Phichai Keawvichit)

This is the second solo exhibition of the 47-year-old photographer who is passionate about experimenting with something new and enthusiastic about self-development.

He brings his new collection of minimalist photographs that will take viewers to explore the "movement" of all beings both visible and invisible, alive or lifeless. They also reveal his emotional movement and inner self.

The new works are inspired by his hands-on experiences over the past two years where he encountered life changes and discovered his fondness for Impressionism.

He tried drawing, reading a new genre of books, and challenging himself to become a writer as if the world was a huge playground overwhelmed with experiments and learning. He eventually felt change in himself.

This inner movement has opened his eyes and encouraged him to appreciate every rhythm of all beings -- be they wind-blowing trees, tides moving up and down, time, places and people that were moving and evolving slowly.

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