Connecting the past with the modern world
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Connecting the past with the modern world

Connecting the past with the modern world
(Photo courtesy of The Jim Thompson Art Center)

From Sept 22 until Oct 23 at the William Warren Library, The Jim Thompson Art Center will host "Timirbhu: The New World Order", an exhibition by Nakrob Moonmanas. The opening day will include the panel discussion "Literature / Digital / Art: Connected Borders?".

Organised by the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts Multidisciplinary Art Innovation Center, and Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Chulalongkorn University, "Timirbhu: The New World Order" is an exhibition about Thai Literature or Traibhumikatha, a story of the three planes of existence, written by Phraya Lithai of Sukhothai (Maha Thammaracha I). This text from the Sukhothai period portrays Buddhist cosmology consisting of different realms, including heaven and hell, and the story of the birth and the fall of humankind. Nakrob Moonmanas created the artworks with inspiration to connect the void between literature and technology, the distant past and the contemporary world.

A newly-defined version of the literature will be displayed along with 2D and 3D installation artworks inspired by the work process and contents from this new interpretation of Traibhumikatha. The artist aims to create a dialogue with the audience to look at the literature in a different version of context, with the hope to maintain a cultural inheritance within the minds of people in our contemporary society.

Nakrob Moonmanas' "Timirbhu: The New World Order" will run from Sept 22 to Oct 23 at the William Warren Library, The Jim Thompson Art Center, Rama 1 Road. The centre opens daily from 10am-6pm (closed on Tuesday). For more information, call 02-001-5470, or visit

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