Bangkok and Banksy, perfect together

Bangkok and Banksy, perfect together


Fans of the mysterious British street artist Banksy will be delighted to know his work is coming to Bangkok, when King Power joins hands with Moca Bangkok to present the exhibition The Art Of Banksy: Without Limits, where his work will be on display from Oct 26-Dec 31 at the Museum of Contemporary Thai Art, Moca Bangkok.

(Photo courtesy of Museum of Contemporary Art)

You might not know exactly who Banksy is, but you definitely have seen his work. Bold, stylish, subversive, with his own unique stencil style, the images made by the mysterious graffiti artist have gripped the public's imagination for decades. At The Art Of Banksy: Without Limits, over 150 works from designing and creating exhibitions are on display, including original works, prints, photographs, lithographs, sculptures, murals and a multimedia exhibit created for this exhibition only.

The Art Of Banksy also offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience his work in a way that simply isn't possible when viewed on the streets. With the help of multi-screens broadcasting a series of interviews with Banksy's printer, visitors will get a glimpse into what it was like to work with the notorious street artist and better understand his influence, despite the fact that his identity remains a mystery to this day.

Early bird tickets are available from 185-260 baht, and can be pre-ordered from today to Oct 12 at Moca Bangkok and ZipEvent ticket, "The Art Of Banksy: Without Limits" will be on view from Oct 26-Dec 31, at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chatuchak, Bangkok. For more information, call 02 016 5666.

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