BTS member RM set for solo album release

BTS member RM set for solo album release

BTS member RM set for solo album release
RM and Pharrell Williams. (Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone YouTube Channel)

Two updates about the K-pop industry this week are that RM of BTS will release his first solo album soon and former member of 2NE1, Park Bom, released a single titled Remembered.

Since the oldest member of BTS, Jin, will enlist in mandatory military service this year, BTS members decided to focus on solo songs rather than group activities. RM who is a rapper, songwriter, producer and leader of BTS, revealed that he will soon release a solo album. Recently, Rolling Stone posted a video on its YouTube channel that features a conversation between RM of BTS and Pharrell Williams, a notable American rapper, songwriter and producer. In the video, RM reveals that his solo album is 90% complete. Pharrell then offers to collaborate with RM if he needs. RM responds that he is honoured and grateful. RM's solo album will be released on Nov 25. Also, Pharrell reveals he had a collaboration with BTS for his upcoming album, Phriends Volume One.

After 2NE1's disbandment in 2016, the quartet surprised fans with their reunion performance at Coachella last April. On Nov 1, Park Bom, former vocalist of 2NE1, dropped her latest music video Remembered, a slow sentimental song about someone who recalls both beautiful and painful moments about their loved one. As a powerhouse vocalist, Park Bom belts out this bittersweet song perfectly.

However, Park Bom does not appear in this music video. Due to the national mourning period for the Halloween crowd crush in Seoul, South Korea, Park Bom will not hold any activities to promote the song.

RM of BTS.

Park Bom in music video Flower. 

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