Art exhibit stretches the sensory

Art exhibit stretches the sensory


Art viewers will have their perceptions challenged during "Sentient's Dream", running at Inkhong Art Space, until Nov 27.

Artwork by Dow Wasiksiri. photo courtesy of Inkhong Art Space

This is a dual exhibition by Dow Wasiksiri, a leading Thai photographer and former president of the Royal Photographic Society of Thailand, and Giles Ryder, a mixed-media artist.

It touches on humans' ability to experience and perceive feelings and sensations that infiltrate into our minds and sometimes appear in our dreams. If a dream is a place where our conscious and subconscious meet, then every minute incident can be submerged and manifested in our mind.

On display are lighting installations and paintings by Ryder who often uses synthetic materials, such as neon lights to create a disorienting and intense environment. Sometimes, he interprets, constructs and deconstructs a painting to challenge the idea of its two-dimensional aspects.

His works correspond to cultural signification associated with the material used, and the physical and psychological effects of lighting, colours, form and space.

Dow, meanwhile, has chosen to explore his main medium -- photography. In some series, he has crafted and constructed space and narrative that seem to transform flat surfaces into other worlds within, an overlap between internal and external spheres.

In others, he has captured the moment and the natural alteration of objects which results in their transformation. Through this artistic process, viewers are drawn into his story, which at first glance appears familiar yet peculiar.

Both artists have created a sensory realm that is fluid and open for individual interpretation and inquiry. A chance encounter within a finite place and time that provoke our senses and personal reflection.

Inkhong Art Space is on Ekamai Road and opens Wednesday to Sunday from 1-9pm. There is no admission fee.

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