Thai drag diva Pangina Heals gets Tongue Thai'd in new show

Thai drag diva Pangina Heals gets Tongue Thai'd in new show

"Tongue Thai'd With Pangina Heals" premieres on Wow Presents Plus on Dec 6

Thai drag diva Pangina Heals gets Tongue Thai'd in new show

Drag diva Pangina Heals combines spicy Thai food and burning questions in a new Wow Presents Plus show called "Tongue Thai'd With Pangina Heals".

Pangina Heals, aka Pan Pan Narkprasert, eats spicy Thai food with guests while giving them the third degree. The premise is simple (and spicy). In each episode, Pangina Heals invites her guests to an authentic Thai meal showcasing favourite Thai dishes while asking them some burning questions.

"As the food get hotter, so do the questions!", Pangina quips in the trailer. Her guest lineup is, well, pretty spicy, mostly consisting of fellow "RuGirls" who mean something in her drag journey.

Ongina, whose drag name inspires one half of Pan Pan's drag name, shows up and seems to struggle with spicy Thai dishes.

It's a Thai-Lao friendship every time Pangina Heals kikis with Jujubee.

The episode with Jimbo is going to be extra sizzling, considering the on-screen drama they had on RuPaul's Drag Race: UK VS The World.

It looks like Pagina Heals tries to kill her good Judy Cheryl Hole with serious Scoville scores. Kimchi also kikis with Pangina to see which Asian can handle spicy food better.

Mark Kanemura, who's best known for being dancer for Lady Gaga and on RuPaul's Drag Race among many other shows, will serve eye candy.

Pangina told us about her guests, "Each of them emanates light. And Mark has always been openly queer and a big presence on TikTok but also he's one of my dance idols [Pangina is also an avid dancer who has won waacking titles in Asia]. He danced for Lady Gaga and he's always been my inspiration."

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