Billkin's new track will make you reminisce
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Billkin's new track will make you reminisce

Billkin's new track will make you reminisce
Nychaa and Billkin in the Yim Tang Namta video. (Photo courtesy of Billkin Entertainment)

What do you feel when you say goodbye to your loved one for good? Billkin's new song Yim Tang Namta (Smile In Tears) is a heartwarming yet elegiac answer from his first EP that evokes bittersweet memories of every departure.

Composed by Tilly Birds and produced by Milo Tanti, the song is about coming to terms with the end of a relationship. One of them knows that they can no longer get along and that it is time to break up, but he or she takes comfort from the thought that they still have good old days to look back on.

The cinematic music video features Aom (Nuttanicha "Nychaa" Dungwattanawanich) teaching Toh (Putthipong "Billkin" Assaratanakul) to drive a car on the last day of high school before going separate ways. Toh opens a driving school where some of his customers are also coping with loss. At some point, Aom returns and asks him to do something for her.

If you like Yim Tang Namta, you will probably enjoy another popular track, Tuk Natee Tee Suay Ngam (Always With Me) by Nont Tanont. It is reminiscent of a mellow but melancholic farewell experience.

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