Kumar brings his greatest hits to Bangkok on Friday
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Kumar brings his greatest hits to Bangkok on Friday

Brace your jaws for Singapore's (and perhaps SEA's) sassiest comedian

Kumar brings his greatest hits to Bangkok on Friday

Let's get something about Kumar straight first (pun very intended). According to his interview with 'The Straights Times', Kumar isn't a drag queen but a stand-up comedian who is in drag. And if he could have his way, his pronoun would be Kumar.

The Singaporean Indian comedian will perform a compilation of his most hilarious materials titled "Kumarsutra: Greatest Hits" in his Bangkok debut on May 26 at The Westin Grande, Sukhumvit, from 8pm. Brought to you by The Comedy Club Bangkok and LOL Asia. 

Having performed sold-out shows before packed auditoriums mainly in Singapore and Malaysia, the "Aneh with bells" (a play on Annabelle) comedian continues to travel around the world on a multi-city tour to spread laughter internationally and make his mark as a leading stand-up of Southeast Asia.

Although best known for being a comic, Kumar, whose real name is Kumarason Chinnadurai, has worn several hats as a TV host, actor, director and author over the last three decades.

"I've performed four or five times a week for nearly 30 years, mostly in Singapore and Malaysia, but I can’t wait to bring my art to the world and meet my global fans. This is going to be fun and exciting to showcase some of my best work,” Kumar said about his tour.

Not shying away from poking fun at all things controversial (as well as his own identity), Kumar’s caustic yet-relatable remarks, everyday observations, day-to-day life experiences and idiosyncrasies are his signature sense of humour that could have you LOL.

His Bangkok show is aptly named since Kumar has countless materials from hundreds of performances to draw from across the past three decades of his career. While you can watch some of his best jokes on YouTube, rest assured that the "Ah Kua Man" (a play on Aquaman) will also bring some new material to the Bangkok stage.

So, if you’d like to hear Kumar’s "Annabelle", "Auntie's Barbecue Pit vs Uncle’s Sausage" or "Q-mar’s Spaghetti" live, grab tickets at ComedyClubBKK.com. Ticket prices start at B2,400 per person.

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