The latest in the world of K-pop this week
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The latest in the world of K-pop this week


Here's the latest K-pop news this week -- girl group Fifty Fifty has entered the Top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100 and Lee Seung-gi will return to Thailand after four years.

Fifty Fifty. (Photo courtesy of @we_fiftyfifty)

Billboard Hot 100 First-Timers

Fifty Fifty, a rookie K-pop group, entered the Billboard Hot 100 only four months after their debut in November 2022, making them the fastest K-pop group to achieve this milestone. Although their song Cupid initially entered at No.100, it had moved up to No.17 as of May 18.

Cupid is a lead single from their album The Beginning: Cupid. The song was produced in both Korean and English versions to appeal to a global audience. It captivates listeners with retro and upbeat vibes. TikTok has played a significant role in the success of Cupid since the song has been shared and used often on the platform.

Lee Seung-gi. (Photo courtesy of Koko Connection Thailand)

Lee Seung-gi in Bangkok

It has been four years since Lee Seung-gi performed for his fan club Airen in Thailand. In collaboration with TG Entertainment, Faith & D Entertainment and Koko Connection Thailand, the long-awaited event "Lee Seung Gi Asia Tour: The Dreamer's Dream – Chapter 2 In Bangkok" will take place at Union Hall in Union Mall on June 15. The event is a part of Seung-gi's Asia concert tour and Thailand is his final destination.

Seung-gi is a versatile artist who is known for his impressive singing, acting and TV hosting skill. Ticket holders will not only enjoy his compelling musical performances but also have the opportunity to meet with him up close in an activity called "Goodbye 1:1". Lucky draws will determine some ticket holders who will additionally attend the soundcheck session and some will take a group photo with Seung-gi.

Tickets cost 3,000, 4,500, 5,500 and 6,500, and will be available tomorrow at For more information, visit Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @KOKOConnection.

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