Artist looks at the dual nature of femininity
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Artist looks at the dual nature of femininity

Artist looks at the dual nature of femininity
An oil and acrylic on canvas by Liu Youran. (Photo courtesy of Tang Contemporary Art)

Tang Contemporary Art is holding "The Body Of Cybele", which presents the dual nature between the physicality and spirituality of women through surrealist paintings, until Oct 14.

This is a solo exhibition by Chinese female artist Liu Youran who attempts to explore more possibilities for the expression of women's identity in the context of contemporary society, focusing on the women's viewing methods and realistic situations.

Inspired by the background of the Great Mother of the Gods, an ancient deity known as Cybele, the 27-year-old artist seeks to portray female figures as embodying both divinity and immanence through the delicate balance of contradictions.

Her creative motivation stems from her desire to explore the potential for expressing female identities within the contemporary societal context. In this exhibition, Youran focuses more on the ways women are perceived and portray their real-life situations. Influenced by the elements in Japan's ukiyo-e classics and the ambience of traditional depictions of beauty, she captures the shared essence between the female body and the natural world, showcasing distinctly personalised contemporary Eastern femininity aesthetics.

Often, she shapes the figures in her artwork with a resemblance to puppets, revealing a relatively hollow and detached state. Through this nuanced stylistic approach, the scenario of the figures being observed, objectified and alienated is accentuated within the artwork.

To distinguish herself from the traditional depictions of beauty from a male perspective, the artist intentionally incorporates elements of contrast within her compositions.

Youran's surrealistic painting language blurs temporal and spatial boundaries, defying the constraints of reality's logic. This adds fascination and an aura of mystery to the composition, while also crafting a more delicately nuanced metaphorical effect.

Tang Contemporary Art is located in Room 201-206 of River City Bangkok, Charoen Krung 24, and opens Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 7pm.

Visit or call 02-000-1541.

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