A fusion of music and art awaits at DIAGE Festival
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A fusion of music and art awaits at DIAGE Festival

A fusion of music and art awaits at DIAGE Festival
(Photos courtesy of DIAGE Festival)

Prepare to embark on an unparalleled sensory journey as the worlds of electronic music and visual art collide at the highly-anticipated DIAGE Festival 2023. The event, set to take place from Nov 11-12 at Show DC, Bangkok, promises an immersive experience like no other, boasting a stellar line-up of over 60 Thai and international artists.

In a rare convergence of two distinct art forms, DIAGE Festival blurs the boundaries between music and visual art, offering attendees a chance to witness musicians and bands collaborating with visual artists in real-time. Imagine musicians creating captivating sounds and melodies that seamlessly complement the visuals, videos and effects presented by talented artists. As the demand for immersive experiences continues to soar, the festival places a strong emphasis on the visual components of the event. These visual effects serve as the heartbeat of the performances, infusing each moment with excitement and dynamism, providing attendees with an emotional journey that is truly unique.

This event is the brainchild of a collaborative effort between SquareDots, a renowned motion graphics company, event organiser Zubscribe, design agency CHOUX LAB, and Bangkok's famed nightclub DECOMMUNE. Together, they bring you DIAGE Festival, the first-ever full-scale digital arts and electronic music festival to grace the stage. The festival offers a staggering line-up across three meticulously curated stages, each a testament to stunning visuals and electrifying performances. Whether you're seeking to lose yourself in the vibrant party atmosphere or simply unwind with friends at the DJ Stage, DIAGE Festival has something for every discerning festival-goer.

One of the festival's standout offerings is the AudioVisual Stage, where the magic truly happens. Here, sound and visual artistry unite, creating an immersive and captivating experience that transcends traditional festival boundaries. Beyond the stages, DIAGE Festival showcases a Digital Art Exhibition featuring an array of artists, each contributing their unique and enthralling styles to the mix. Additionally, the event will host a Talk and Workshop Area, offering a platform for exhibiting artists and digital art experts to exchange ideas and share their invaluable experiences with attendees.

Early bird tickets for DIAGE Festival are now available at 3,500 baht for a two-day pass (valid from Nov 11-12). Tickets can be purchased at the official DIAGE Festival website, diagefestival.com.


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