New releases for your streaming pleasure: Oct 11-17
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New releases for your streaming pleasure: Oct 11-17

9 new titles from Apple TV+, Netflix, AFN, TLC, HBO Go and Prime Video

New releases for your streaming pleasure: Oct 11-17

Looking for a title to binge-watch this weekend? Here's our pick!


Lessons In Chemistry

Premieres on Oct 13

A drama series based on the upcoming novel by Bonnie Garmus. Set in the 1950s, the story follows a woman who dreams of being a scientist in a world that demands women stay homemakers. She eventually lands a job hosting a TV cooking show and uses it as a platform to teach science to housewives.


Oggy Oggy: Season 3

Premieres on Oct 16

Kind and curious kitty Oggy Oggy wants to spread joy to all his friends and neighbors. But sometimes, he gets into playful mischief instead. Miaow!

I Woke Up A Vampire

Premieres on Oct 17

On her 13th birthday, Carmie discovers that she's actually half human, half vampire — and that mythical powers make middle school way more complicated.


Adam And Poh’s Great Australian Bites

Premieres on Oct 12

Adam Liaw and Poh Ling Yeow visit coastlines, plains and everything in between on an epic journey across Australia to try the country's most iconic and significant national dishes. 


Crack Addicts

Premieres on Oct 16

With groundbreaking chiropractic methods, Dr Alessandra Colón and her staff tackle the most extreme and debilitating physical conditions of her patients. Through every snap, crack and pop, she provides relief when no one else can.


Scream VI 

Premieres on Oct 14 

In this instalment, the four survivors of the Ghostface killings leave Woodsboro behind and start a fresh chapter in New York City.



Premieres on Oct 11

Ian, a rebellious teenager living on the outskirts of society, can manipulate minds with his ability to generate visual illusions. He uses this power to survive — running small, indiscreet, scams. When one of his cons goes awry, his abilities publicly spiral out of control and Ian becomes the target of two rival organisations, each seeking to exploit his powers.

In My Mother's Skin 

Premieres on Oct 12

Set in 1945 Philippines, at the tail end of World War II, we follow the story of Tala, a14-year-old daughter of a Philippines textile merchant. She lives in a war-worn colonial house with her sickly mother Ligaya and younger brother BAYANI. When Tala’s father mysteriously leaves once more to barter for his family's freedom with the Japanese, his family find themselves alone in their isolated forest mansion, awaiting his return. Not long after, Ligaya’s condition rapidly deteriorates. Desperate, Tala seeks out a mysterious fairy who has promised to protect her. Happy to oblige, the fairy gifts Tala a magical insect to cure her dying mother. Ligaya’s sickness progresses to the point where the pain drives her screaming in extreme anguish, banging at death’s door. Tala decides to release the magical insect which burrows deep into her mother’s flesh and begins living inside her. At yet, the magical gift doesn’t deliver as promised. While her mother’s sickness disappears, in its place grows an insatiable craving for human flesh. As carnage ensues, Tala is forced to decide… Let her mother starve to death, or protect her mother and feed her bloodlust.

The Burial 

Premieres on Oct 13

Inspired by true events, when a handshake deal goes sour, funeral homeowner Jeremiah O’Keefe (Academy Award winner Tommy Lee Jones) enlists charismatic, smooth-talking attorney Willie E. Gary (Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx) to save his family business. Tempers flare and laughter ensues as the unlikely pair bond while exposing corporate corruption and racial injustice in this inspirational, triumphant story.

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