World tour of 'Algorithmic Organisms' kicks off in Bangkok
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World tour of 'Algorithmic Organisms' kicks off in Bangkok

'0010x0010' and Samsung join creative forces

World tour of 'Algorithmic Organisms' kicks off in Bangkok

In a world where art, technology and innovation increasingly intertwine, the vanguard Dutch audio-visual artist/DJ Raymond Tijssen, aka 0010x0010, will kick off a world tour of “Algorithmic Organisms” exhibition at the Museum Of Contemporary Arts, Moca, on Kampaeng Phet 6 Road.

The selection of Moca as the tour’s inaugural venue serves as a testament to Bangkok's burgeoning reputation as an art hub in the region. This, however, is not the first time that 0010x0010 has exhibited at Moca. In July 2019, he revealed his "MØDVLXXR" album/exhibition which was opened by Boonchai Bencharongkul.

Be ready to have your senses taken over by an audio-visual extravaganza as 0010x0010 aims to redefine the parameters of modern art, weaving delicate intricacies with grand narratives, in collaboration with Samsung's The Wall.

Step into a mesmerising world that he created and let a soundscape comprising drum machines, synthesisers, and modular systems transport your mind to somewhere ethereal. This pulsating live set promises to breathe life into the dynamic visual showcase, creating an immersive experience that transcends the conventional boundaries of performance art.

Via the grandeur of Samsung's award-winning The Wall, the pinnacle of display technology with microLED displays among other features, viewers will get to experience an awe-inspiring avant-garde art that they won't find anywhere. 

The exhibition unfolds in a three-chapter narrative:

· Symbiosis in Spaces: Dive into harmonious co-existence between digital entities and physical spaces.

· Synthetic Senses: Engage with a realm where technology and senses merge, forging new synthetic experiences.

· Syntax Error: Confront the intriguing glitches, showcasing the imperfections and vulnerabilities in a digital world. 

The “Algorithmic Organisms” exhibition runs until Jan 21, 2024. Free admission. Moca opens Tuesday to Sunday from 10am–6pm. Visit 

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